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  1. JRJI

    R7 False MRCD alerts??

    I was driving in SE Calgary and my R7 Kband went off the charts when approaching a mobile radar speed sign then the MRCD alert went off. Do these traffic speed incorporate MRCD?
  2. JRJI

    Escort ix

    Amazon is selling escort iX for $350 CA, are these units out dated or worth the price?
  3. JRJI

    Mobile photo Radar

    Hello, I’m in the calgary area and passed by a CPS Mobile photo radar SUV in a school zone. My R7 picked up a very weak K band signal about 20 feet away from the vehicle and then the side arrows went off on my R7 when i was literally beside the SUV, is this all the warning th R7 is capable of...
  4. JRJI


    Just bought an R7 and liking it. Been hit twice with Ka outside of calgary in the last few days and had a lot of time to slow down before the sheriffs and RCMP spotted me. It’s a hell’va up grade from my escort iX. Looking forward to learning from this forum. The post are quite informative and...