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    Going Catless - Where are my emissions geniuses?

    Anyone have experience going full catless but still passing emissions? (I only have to worry about the OBD2 readiness checks). Just curious what solutions you guys have come up with. I'm looking at O2 Simulators vs O2 Extenders. Both seem hit or miss
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    Aftermarket Alarm advice

    Hey guys, need help finding a good aftermarket alarm for my car. Came back to my car the other day on my way home and saw someone looking at my car. Luckily it was just another bmw enthusiast who just pulled up / looked, but it got me thinking. My car is prewired for an alarm but i don't...
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    Rolling back the Odometer. Rampant Odometer Fraud Investigation

    Hidden Camera Investigation Finds Rampant Odometer Fraud « CBS Los Angeles good times
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    Can I see your radar? (thread)

    Can I see your radar? [Archive] - Real Police: Law Enforcement,Police Officer,Criminal Justice,Background Checks website... lol so many tools. Protecting citizen's is clearly not what this is about. More evidence about ticketing for money. its an old thread but i have 0 doubts about them...
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    Anyone following LED development/discussion?

    I've been reading a little more lately about LED headlights. I want to replace my H7 Halogens for H7 LEDs but atm, I don't trust any will put out the proper number of lumens. Reading around, I'm accepting ~1500 lumens to be the average halogen bulb, and ~3500 lumens to be the average HID...
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    Looking at CB's

    Recently read the thread Chariot made about making a stealth install that performs, and came across this antenna being mentioned in the thread: WEP9000 CB Antenna [WOR-WEP9000] - $35.00 : Radioworld I've had somewhat of an interest in getting a CB, but never coming up with a decent...
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    Thoughts on Escort visor clip?

    Got one as part of my gift from the gf. Havent mounted it yet. Anyone use one?
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    Cheetah C50 Power Cord pooped out

    Can someone with a C50 Power cord tell me what amp fuse it is under the push pin. I dropped mine when I thought to replace it with a 2 Amp fuse and its not working. I plugged the C50 into the computer and it works fine, so I know its not the C50. Called customer service to ask, but...
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    Suggestions for adding a switch

    I'm going to be adding a master kill switch for all of my CMs next week and I have an idea of where I can hide my switch. The switch itself is going to be very similar to the ones available through LI, except mine will feature a Red LED. Am I correct in undersand the 3 prong setup to be...
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    New addition. The review

    Purchased a 3.872 off of RickyBobby today. I'm currently running it WITH my Redline. settings on redline: - all bands on except ku - pop off - tsr off - autonox mode settings on v1: - x band off - ka aggressive on - pop off - ka guard on - big A mode Initial review: The V1...
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    Savvy Review

    Valentine One Savvy--Just in Time for Christmas - Motor Trend Blog Forgot to mention it:
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    Petition to move all laser information from public access

    Can we have the entire general laser section moved to at least general if not beginner status so that free loaders don't see all that we're doing? I'm starting to get a LOT of laser with tactics only mentioned on and here. had 3 LEO's shoot me within the last week with PL3s off...
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    Turner Motorsport sale. 25% off anything Escort until November 30th, 2011

    Get it while its hot! Yes, I tried it myself, and it works. Total for a brand new redline for example is $374.96 I have not checked to see if Turner Motorsports is an authorized retailer though.
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    Civilian Charger + goodies SPOTTED

    Saw a Black Dodge Charger with LED taillights (actually attractive ones that still had a red lens). Had LEDs as pictured on the rear deck inside the cabin (this is what confused me). Had a police badge on the trunk, but had Beltronics radar detector mounted high / to the left of the RVM...
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    Symptoms of a sickly Redline?

    What are some things members have noticed before their Redline had to be sent in for service? Whether it was speaker issue or detecting K/Ka band info is all valuable. Thanks
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    Thinking Cars: All the dumb features that allow cars to think for you. [LINK]

    How cars do everything for you all you need to know about lazyness behind the wheel and the features that encourage it.
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    I like this aricle. Clear cut - how not to neglect your car.

    How to Kill a Car - Yahoo! Autos Good article. Simple and clear cut, speaks of the value of preventative maintenance. All my family and friends (especially GF) think I'm nuts for how much I spend on preventative maintenance. Too bad they won't read this article. Even if they do, it'll go in...
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    Radar Alert Audio - Escort/Beltronics K & Ka as per xyd's recommendation Feel free to add to this thread for other audio alerts. Change title as necessary.
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    Why do construction arrow boards set of my detector on K band?

    Why do construction arrow boards set off rds with K band alerts? Its not necessarily an every time thing, but it happens enough to where its annoying. Especially since construction seems never ending. images/imgimported/2011/05/211.jpg
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    Does Window Tint affect my radar detector? (answered)

    Yes, but in what ways you ask? 1) If you have metallic window tint -- Your radar detector is not going to be able to "see through" your metallic tint and detect the radar signals as well. Case in point, if you want to get window tint without losing radar performance, get ceramic window tint...