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    Federal law regardin g clearing intersection

    so i got a warning today in greenbelt, md for failing to clear a intersection. now i was passed the line before the light turned red so how is that against the law? isint their a federal law saying federal law says you must clear that intersection. also federal suprseeds state laws right?
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    V1 can't really detect maryland cameras

    Was driving in pg county today and pass by various different speed cameras. i know these cameras don't use radar and instead compares pictures and distances or something like v that. also pg county and bowie uses the same new cameras as baltimore, these cameras i thought use laser but they...
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    Baltimore to Atlantic city and charlestown, wv

    So i was reading in some of the treads that NJ still uses X-BAND. IS THIS TRUE? ,i was gonna turn it off in my new V1 but don't wanna get a ticket. also i go to charlestown casino somwtimes and wanted to make sure they don't use x-band. also are detectors legal in WV? .Only illegal in dc and...
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    Am i getting RIPPED OFF

    I just received the best thing in the world today. MY V1. It's weird. i feel like god when i hold this thing. lol. Anyway. i want to get it hard wired in my mercedes CLA250. But like 4 local shops says it will be like 120 bucks just to hard wire it. is this a good deal or am i getting ripped...
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    Ordering a v1 and i'm looking the Concealed Display with ESP and Band Identification. Is this wireless except the power adapter or wired to the detector?
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    I seen a youtube video a long timr ago about beating tickets from photo radars. is it true that you can just dispute the ticket and show up for court and say your honor i can't face my accuser which is the camera box then they throw the case out? ,it's a object it can't come to court. i know...
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    Few Radar Questions Guys

    1.Gonna be ordering a new V1 this weekend thanks to the advice of this forum. i returned my IX this morning. Anyway if i just order the v1 and not the addons and stuff will it still be top notch and have bsm filtering? 2.i seen some youtube videos and everyone with a v1 has it mounted high like...
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    So i just purchased a IX yesterfday and i'm already thinking about returning it. I LIVE IN BALTIMORE AND A TON OF NEW SPED CAMERAS ARE NOT EVEN IN DEFENDER when escort can get the inforatmion from the gov website to update defender even. Anyway what app is the best for SPEED CAMERA detection...
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    Escort i love you. i have been using ur detectors ever since the early 2000's and will swear by you guys. but i just purchased a IX and i updated the firmware AND the defender database yesterday. Drove thru baltimore today and PASS BY boxes which I KNOW ARE SPEED CAMERAS. PLEASE UPDATE...
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    hey everyone my name is steve