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    Hi from Hong Kong

    Hi from Boston. Are you a movie actor ?
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    Hello all

    ...guess it took a while to warm up to us. Welcome to RDF, hope we don't have to wait another year, do we ?
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    Another Executive Re-org at Cedar

    meh... just moving around the deck chairs on a sinking ship.
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    Rejected Rules, deleting posts/threads and cut off

    I remember it took you & Staff months of slow increments of Advancements starting from "General User" before all priv's were earned/attained again for me. I'm not privvy to whats going on w/ you (other than stated by you here) but it's only been a matter of weeks & would ask you to be more...
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    Is it a tease that the next generation RD will be a modular configuration allowing for custom plug-in features(locally needed) to be inserted w/ a, !
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    Lidar ALP vs Stalker 3742ft... Video.

    Yes, the Spec. range was stated as above, but all ver. of the model could do 9,999ft.
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    Lidar ALP vs Stalker 3742ft... Video.

    Later model Stalker (XLR,RLR) guns can do 9.999ft.
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    History of the Radar Gun

    lol - I guess you missed this Thread post recently on the same subject matter... Michael Valentine - A True Entrepreneur Post #12
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    Losing faith in my V1

    I do not remember exact f/w, but it was before the last update of 38952 as I recall.Did not run Euro mode.
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    Losing faith in my V1

    Same thing happened to Ka detection on my V1 a few years ago, X & K-band worked fine but lost most of expected range until within about 300ft before alert sounded.
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    Whenever I do a f/w upgrade I do the "Restore Defaults", & same for Hi-Fi update plus re-create/install a new Config. file just to be safe.
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    Wouldn't it tax the RD much less in high speed processing power by ignoring ALL the various different types of BSM signals (no Alerts sounded) & instead concentrate on the known threats like real LEO radar units & ONLY alert for them. It seems like quantifying each of them individually as is...
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    Michael Valentine - A True Entrepreneur

    lol- I'll be damned, yes that's one of the articles, but I did see one w/ a small microwave dish maybe 2-2 1/2ft in dia. :bravo: Nice find Insipid !
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    Michael Valentine - A True Entrepreneur

    Yes, I believe it was CT State Police were the ones using S-Band radar first. I saw an article years ago & it was quite an electronic contraption w/ a large microwave dish type antenna on a tripod stand.
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    Do You ?? I noticed the "3" sweep pattern Logo (like a Radar Screen) & was wondering its significance... X,K & Ka Band ? (or all 3 Ka bands)
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    Yup,it is.
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    Here's a short story on that very Model- possibly the very 1st RD ever made & available to speeders like me back then:
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    Does Beltronics Pro 500 detect Truspeed S

    I'll tell you what- if you buy it we can meet-up & we'll see if it does ! :hmm:
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    lol - the TOP Left one was my very 1st RD I bought in 1970 for my Corvette. It was made by Radatron Corp. in North Tonowanda,NY. A suburb of Buffalo. (my hometown). I actually went to the factory but they wouldn't sell me one, sent me to a local Electronics store that sold them. It didn't run...
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    Radar R7 - C/O 34.663 RF Opposite Direction - 2.5 mile detection

    That's the reason I just bought one, & it came in the mail this afternoon.