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    New R7 on the way, set it up like R3?

    From the tests I’ve seen everything should be setup the same except the k band sensitivity can be set 10-20% lower with the same performance as the R3.
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    Hey from Charlotte NC

    Welcome to the forum! There are lots of us from the Charlotte area. I have an R3 and have been very happy with it so far.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Other The OFFICIAL idiot drivers thread

    They should have at least signaled to the right. The red Acura was paying attention but this could have been bad.
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    R7 - 24.193 Alert from Honda

    Could the Doppler effect lower the frequency enough to be below 24.194?
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    Double sided tape.

    I prefer VHB for the main reason that it comes in black which looks much better in my opinion.
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    R3 Bogey Tone Question

    This makes sense to me. If one LEO is running CO and second bogey is running IO it would be confusing if it made the bogey tone every time the IO trigger was pulled. I’d think there were more than 2 signals.
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    Is Running no front plate in MA asking for trouble?

    I saw this bracket for model X and 3 on a TFL Cars YouTube video. Requires no drilling. That Grin | NO-drill license plate mounting brackets They make little protectors for the door handles too. Edit: Sorry I just saw you mentioned you weren’t interested in a bracket.
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    Vantablack BMW

    Even BMW’s ‘Vantablack’ X6 gets caught by LiDAR Looks like they didn’t blackout everything so that other car’s Lidar systems could see it.
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    Radar R1/Redline-O "Ghetto Arrows" combo kills it again against 34.7!

    Do you think an R3 front facing and an R1 KA only rear facing would work together or do you think two Unidens would cause problems.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    2020 Audi Q7 Stealth Jammers

    I know they are for the radar cruise or collision avoidance system but the new Audi Q7 totally looks like it comes with jammers installed behind stealth covers. I had one behind me today and got really excited that I saw someone with jammers but when I looked up the car I saw they come with the...
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    Pay the piper

    When they added the express lanes they built in hiding spots for LEOs. I’ve marked them on my detector to remind me but you can look for signs along the concrete barrier that say authorized vehicles only. That’s about the only way to spot them before it’s too late.
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    Radar Noob

    Welcome to the forum! If you haven’t already found it, check out for videos and articles explaining the various aspects of Radar Bands and Radar Detectors. @Vortex is also very active on this forum.
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    Need a recommendation

    Welcome to the forum! My vote is to find a uniden R1 on sale if you want the longest range for your budget. Or a Uniden dfr9 if you need gps more than the extra range.
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    How many of you have had youre Uniden R3 or R1 plastic locknut split?

    Deez Nuts aren’t broken on my single cup mount. Sorry, once you said it I had to go there.
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    This was a unique detection! Driving through a mountain tunnel.

    Does anybody else just want to go explore that access road? Good detection though.
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    Radar R3 1.37 vs K-Band (2 Encounters)

    Why run K @100% rather than highway? Seems like that is wasting a profile to me.
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    Honda KA false?

    I passed two LEOs pointing opposite directions talking to each other. I assume both were running forward radar but I guess it could have been one running both antennas. Either way my R3 reported 34.719 and 34.705 so they were not separated by much.