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    Pro M laser performance

    Yeah it's disappointing that the Pro M has such poor laser detection. It's the only reason I haven't purchased one. I know you need jammers, I have run 3 different types of laser jammer before, but I still like the situational awareness of laser detection. I like to know I am being targeted so I...
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    Pro M laser performance

    This is how bad the Pro M is at picking up laser. Look at this guy shooting a PL3 directly at the Pro M and it can't detect it. I thought the PL3 is easy to detect. Look at the 1:50 min mark.
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    Best all around windshield flagship detector - as of August 2019

    For the novice user, I would also throw in a shout out to the Escort Max II with the new IVT BSM filtering update. It has amazing filtering, very reactive/sensitive, auto lockouts, the front range of the Max 360 minus the arrows and rear antenna, and can be had for $250-300 bucks at Costco. It...
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    Running the CR97 again...

    I recently started running my old Beltronics Vector 995 M4 with TSR on as it will actually filter out the majority of BSMs and notice that it too will occasionally BSM False as Ka Band to Hondas such as Pilots and CRVs. I think it was displaying 33.6. this is interesting, I think there is...
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    any 3700 / 3600 users here?

    Hmmm if that was C/O then thats pretty poor range for the terrain.
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    Looking for a radar detector recommendation

    Why not get a Redline EX? Isn't it 100% immune to spectre RDD?
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    Max 360c "sleeping/silent lock up" video

    Do the laser falses happen at random places on the road, or is it at the same location every time? My old zr4s and Belscorts would false at tollbooths all the time, but it was always at the same location due to some lidar components that were set up in the tollbooths. I have two Max IIs and they...
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    any 3700 / 3600 users here?

    I know someone on here installed the 3600, but i have never seen a 3700 installed by a forum member. I'm assuming the 3700 is pretty much a CR 93 remote detector?
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    Running the CR97 again...

    I run my CR97 1 week out of the month when I'm at my house in CT. Its on my beater car that I drive around when I'm there. For the other 3 weeks out of the month when I'm at my place in Idaho, I run Escort Max II. The Max II with the new IVT filter update is incredible at filtering out BSMs. In...
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    Max 360c "sleeping/silent lock up" video

    This is great news. The current reported problems with the max 360c was the reason why I was holding off on purchasing it. Plus, my current Max IIs with the newest ivt filters have been absolute beasts against bsms. It doesnt even false to Hondas! If the new firmware updates fix the problems...
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    Does Beltronics Pro 500 detect Truspeed S

    Does anyone know if the Beltronics Pro 500 detects Truspeed S? I know the pro 300 does, and I know the Escort 9500ix does not. Since the Pro 500 is a hybrid between the pro 300 and 9500IX without auto learn, I wonder if it will detect TSS or not. Anyone know? I love old Bel detectors and I am...
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    IO K-band in Vermont

    Looks like he was forward facing I/Oing oncoming traffic, which is sort of weird if you are targeting cars leaving your state. They usually target people coming into a new state.
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    I'm Hit!...This time for real! 2X LIDAR

    Did your R7 alert to the lidar too or was it just your TMGs? Uniden detectors are pretty horrible on laser detection.
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    MA vs NY

    Taconic is so brutal sometimes, you will be going downhill around one of those windy corners and BAM there is a NYSP car pointed straight at you in the woods that blasts you with I/O, it is genuinely scary. They also heavily enforce I-684 SB near Armonk, but it's usually C/O Ka so I can usually...
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    Bel Pro 300

    I picked up this sweet, new condition Beltronics Pro 300 on Ebay for 60 bucks. I used it today for the first time after extensively running my Bel V995 M4 with TSR on for the last 2 weeks where I put over 2500 miles on the V995 in a rental car during a family vacation road trip. Compared to the...
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    The Whistler CR97.. Would you recommend to others? Based on your experience?

    I have a CR 97, i think it is a fantastic RD if it didnt have K/Ka band confusion to Honda/Acura BSMs. However, due to this being such an issue, I would not recommend it to a friend. Other than the K/Ka band confusion, it has great range, amazing laser sensitivity, and great reactivity to I/O...
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    1995 Radio Shack Detector Vs Uniden R7 Part 2!

    I think the radio shack RD was made by Uniden. The "Laser" font and design of the RD looks like Unidens from the 90s.
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    1995 Radio Shack Detector Vs Uniden R7 Part 2!

    I had this exact same radio shack detector back in the day. It was a beast and it did well on Laser too. Thanks for making a video. Those old beeping tones bring back so many memories.
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    Pro 300 Escort Live Lockouts? Do you know if this escort live smart cord would work on the pro 300? Also if it tells you to update the firmware, is it something I have to send the Pro 300...
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    Pro 300 Escort Live Lockouts?

    I just purchased a Beltronics Pro 300 off ebay for 63 bucks for nostalgia. I saw that it was escort live compatible if I purchase the live smart cord. Does anyone know if that will allow me to have GPS lock outs on the pro 300 when running live with my smart phone? I know this was possible in...