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  1. beingaware

    ALPriority N Radar - is this DSP?

    Install front, low centre mass and you'll be fine.
  2. beingaware

    Stinger VIP 4.4.00

    Def need Dragons to confirm. I’m not upgrading if this land mine is confirmed. I like early 3.x firmware’s too much. Stinger, I am seriously going to mail this to you.
  3. beingaware

    Stinger VIP 4.4.00

    My thoughts of Stinger of late (Nothing says f you more then using carrier grade fibre optics to make a noose)
  4. beingaware

    Stinger VIP 4.4.00

    I’ve had issues since 4.x with Stinger detecting my own BSM on my 2017 Golf R as well. Also around 24.155ish. Back on the older versions it wasn’t an issue. The Previous version to this was ok with my BSM as long as I didn’t go to max sensitivity so this shall be interesting. Stinger wants...
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    Stinger VIP 4.4.00

    So what surprise features have people discovered so far? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stinger VIP 4.4.00

    I'm too lazy to re-install Stinger Desktop. Can someone attach both update files here?
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    Stinger VIP 4.4.00

    So what bugs...oooppssss I mean features do we look forward to this time? Hit and miss KA? Hit and miss K band? Redflex filtered out completely? Gatso auto falsed? Deaf receive aka improved filtering? Loss of Low Power Radar range due to BSM filtering? IPT issues against basic guns? I so...
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    2 years with the Stinger VIP - A longterm review

    They seemed to have gone really quiet again. Funny that.
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    Spectre RDD for sale on eBay

    Peter is the owner of Stealth Micro Systems. Have spoken to him plenty of times when buying RDDs, radio testing hardware and some of his old radar gear. He is an amateur radio operator, thus how I met him. Nice dude, found a niche market and made a decent living out of it. Good thing for us...
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    Spectre RDD for sale on eBay

    The 4 and elite were indeed de-tuned some what as the over chatty nature caused a few officers to leave them off, plus the Canadian units required stricter bandwidth to avoid interference (apparently) from other devices they were using. This was directly confirmed by Peter. I had a v3 years...
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    Spectre RDD for sale on eBay

    That will be the wifi on your phone or near by devices. Turn off the wifi and the blips should go away. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What is the highest legit frequency you recieived on a 35.5?

    +1 for extra K bandwidth. :) 23.950 to 24.325 thanks. <3 Stares directly at Redflex NK7 units being below 24.050 and above 24.250... Legit KA here is 34.7, 34.8, 34.9 and 35.1. But have seen the odd 35.6 unicorn here.
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    Ditch road camera warning signs, says new NSW Auditor-General report

    Yeah it's very much a cash grab. Honestly NSW HWP scares the shit out of me way more then speed cameras or even QLD HWP. If they are serious about cracking down on speeding in the name of road safety, the HWP option is the way to go.
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    NZ Chat thread - Post anything related to CM

    More sensitive ears. Eg stingers approach with the patch. But with Redflex, it's more of more ears + focused arrays + algo to detect its signal pattern... No one has done it yet... I'm sure the yanks will in time when it becomes a bigger threat to them but until then it's struggle town with...
  15. beingaware

    Waze on CarPlay is live for public

    Finally! Now if we could just get ALP up there as well... Only thing that disappoints me about the new waze is that it doesn't allow you to share you current trip progress/eta like it used to. Would show your current location and eta when you shared it but not anymore. I used to use that...
  16. beingaware

    Lidar A bit of Aussie date night action

    Jess does get nervous if there is a laser hit or if there is a bit of KA action. As she stated, kinda lucky I wasn't driving in my usual speedy ways...
  17. beingaware

    Lidar A bit of Aussie date night action

    Mixture of Laser and KA. Certainly added a bit of excitement to the night. 2 second JTK on the first one. Unsure where the KA cop was, can you spot them?
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    Other LLH went ballistic when I passed him

    Welcome to driving in Australia. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Offical Cobra Aim Fail Thread

    Nah that's just their recommended angle to detect those pesky polarised speed cameras.
  20. beingaware

    NSFW Road Rage from Hyundai

    Sometimes it's better to stop and let them go. But sometimes you just gotta kick off the turds side mirror then drop a gear and disappear.