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  1. samq45

    Best all around windshield flagship detector - as of August 2019

    Dont forget about the freezing :) - Really quiets the detector down.
  2. samq45

    Other I'm old and I own this road

    Looks like they might have saw you only at the last minute and got out of your way, who knows - but all is well that ends well. Better than my experience with a WWI vet driving. A few months ago I am on the highway late at night and see a car coming at me - a big Caddy. Normally it would...
  3. samq45

    R7 - 24.193 Alert from Honda

    It seems you are worried about a Honda, just outside of the standard frequency that we normally see. A few things to keep in mind - If we saw a radar gun a few clicks off the normal frequency we would not be concerned. We have seen several stalkers that were very far out of spec - hundred...
  4. samq45

    V1 WILL be updated

    There is no inventory tax in the US. Somes states have a tax on tangible business personal property and those laws generally exclude inventory used in production or for resale. The general rule is that you cannot deduct the costs of inventory until the manufactured product is sold and the...
  5. samq45

    "Updated" Escort Live app coming ~~Feb 1st~~ eventually

    I am not sure what is going on, but I am done using the GT 360/Max 360 and EL until they figure out the lock ups and do something about the issues with EL. Not sure why they spent all the effort on a new app when it is less functional and may cause more issues than the prior app. Its...
  6. samq45

    "Updated" Escort Live app coming ~~Feb 1st~~ eventually

    Due to all the issues and the fact that the mute button is so small - I dont use it the App very often now. I found the most useful part was actually muting the detector when you pressed anywhere on the screen. I also noticed that the usage in my area seems to have gone down, there are less...
  7. samq45

    Uniden R7 Build Quality

    My R7 suction cup came off the windshield on a warm day, the cord was still attached and it fell from the top of the windshield and just hit the dash - That piece popped right off. I put it back together fairly easy, but there is more play than there should be and it should not pop off that easy.
  8. samq45

    Are detectors without side arrows missing much

    Maybe we will see people doing ghetto arrows for the side - One R7, Max360 or V1 facing forward and another facing the side. Someone will probably do it, just because they can.
  9. samq45

    Beltronics GT-360 Update

    Thanks!! Updating now for the ride home later. I was getting the rear false alerts. Laser seemed to be fine. Hoping none of us ever see the sleeping issue again, but I am sure if someone experiences it again, they will report it.
  10. samq45

    Are detectors without side arrows missing much

    I like the design since the side arrows are not nearly as useful as the front and rear, you really don't know what side it is most of the time anyhow - even with detectors with true side arrows. Its rare to see the side indicators light up for more than a few seconds most of the time. In...
  11. samq45

    Pay the piper

    I was referring to mostly highways and illegal would depend on the laws in your state - 55 in NY everywhere, unless otherwise posted. May be illegal but practically speaking most people given a ticket are usually faster than the 85% anyway, so if you fight in court and your ticket is still 1...
  12. samq45

    Pay the piper

    Our system has become just another tax. With speed limits so artificially low, they can hand out tickets on just about any highway to 95% of the cars doing 5-10 over, some places 85% of the cars are 15-20 over the limit. For certain places and conditions just 2 tickets in a 6 month period...
  13. samq45

    Uniden r3 vs max360. Thoughts?

    I have Max 360c and a GT 360, with is a similar detector, also have most of the other higher tiered dashmount detectors available today. The BSM filtering is probably a toss up depending on where you live. Out of the box the 360 is better, but the settings on the R3 can make it quiet(er) also...
  14. samq45

    Uniden r3 vs max360. Thoughts?

    Due to the issues some of us are having with the 360 Series detectors locking up and not detecting radar, its difficult to recommend them over the R3. The R3 will serve you well and has very customize settings for City and Highway driving. The major differences are the the 360 has dual horns...
  15. samq45

    Ticketed for using my high beams in a potentially dangerous situation

    I have never heard of that one around here for not flashing, but you are correct - if you "flash" - don't leave the brights on to get back at the other car, at least in NY. Flashing is accepted and has gone through a number of NY court cases. Any subsequent discovery of evidence related to a...
  16. samq45

    Ticketed for using my high beams in a potentially dangerous situation

    Troopers, at least in NY use this tactic to fish for drunk drivers. I have been pulled over twice because they think the auto leveling/directional HIDs are me brighting them as I come over a hill or around a curve. One trooper even told me he was looking for drunks and did not even take my...
  17. samq45

    M360 - Randomly Sleeping

    I did not notice the Max II locking up at all over 300 miles of driving. If the detector locks up to Ka guns, like my ATR, a trooper's DSR 2x or a KA Speed sign with ATR internals, I doubt the issue has anything to do with GPS or Auto lockouts not showing on the screen. There is an...
  18. samq45

    M360 - Randomly Sleeping

    I do not notice it on the Max II, but I also don not run that detector very much, 2-3 hours a month at the very most in a rural area. I can try to use it on a 3 hour trip tomorrow.
  19. samq45

    W-H-Y so many years of the BSM conundrum ?

    When BSMs first came out, we were told this same thing - Its K Band and nothing we can do. But then someone solved a number of the BSM items. Audi, for example, was one of the first that were a pain to deal with and were eventually filtered out for the most part. We are now learning that...
  20. samq45

    How do you wash your car?

    All good stuff, I now use a pressure washer instead of hand washing and if I need to, buff with a low cut Menzerna (2200, 2500), finish with the PO85RD and seal with the power lock. If the car is black I do an extra step with Menzerna, but I forget the code for it. I can easily spend...