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  1. knight_man

    Forester Sports XT - TMG A-15 dual install

    Bringing this back from the dead (I am kicking around the idea of a TMG dual/triple for exactly the same car). @Jag42 So the consensus is to put the duals about the same height as the emblem or 2 down from the pic location? What would be a good place for head #3 if there were? (Purchase...
  2. knight_man

    New display bug?

    So a quick power cycle cleared it up? Did you get any other alerts after or was the unit totally locked up? Other functions work? (Change volume, enter settings?) Just satisfying my own curiosity on this one.
  3. knight_man

    Can CHP cross state lines?

    Not a cop or lawyer here either but I’m pretty sure I read that if the violation and pursuit starts in a state they can cross lines to engage. Where I live people think speeding up and crossing the state line is a get out of jail free card but all it really does is piss off the pursuing occifer...
  4. knight_man

    V1 WILL be updated

    Can we keep this on topic? I thought we were speculating wildly about the V1 here. This thread isn’t going to make 100 by itself, sure, but I’m pretty sure we can do better than bashing and dragging things way too far off topic. RDF is better than that!
  5. knight_man

    V1 WILL be updated

    I liked the “2 weeks” thing better. 3 weeks just feels like too long.
  6. knight_man


    So VR and Radenso are toying with us... who is going to blow the other away. Lol are the other brands even worrying to either of you at this point?
  7. knight_man

    V1 WILL be updated

    Sounds like a smaller footprint and better filtering are in development. Is VR giving Radenso a run for its’ money? Plus already the master on arrows, the quickest popper in the west. Ramp up king and best bogey tracker.. not to mention one of the better laser detectors. I just hope the range...
  8. knight_man

    Painted car entirely in bedliner

    After noticing some pretty nasty paint spots on one of my cars that I want to keep for a while, I am looking at this. I am thinking Monstaliner, and trying to pick a color closeish to the current real paint. Monstaliner is roll on, which I need since my garage is not large enough, has UV...
  9. knight_man

    Pro M laser performance

    Maybe it was those Jandy and Ron guys from that one company.... :p
  10. knight_man


    Nice to see a light hearted post once in a while.
  11. knight_man

    V1 WILL be updated

    Lol I know we don’t have much sometimes, but man this thread is starting to get out there.
  12. knight_man

    Radar DFR7 Fail, Constant Owned by Park Ranger with 35.5

    I get detections like this with all my units (even the big boys). Some of the conditions that would excuse this event in my fragile little mind: Terrain, vegetation, 35.5, you were the only thing on the road except for him, and he was in a straight looking right at you pop out around the turn...
  13. knight_man

    Fake Cop

    Oil and trucking companies use radar and hire off duty or retired cops to keep their company vehicles and rented roads under control. I know this for a fact. I have no doubt that these guys clock other vehicles for giggles and curiosity. And more than once I have passed a civi vehicle, then...
  14. knight_man

    Announcement All social groups to be discontinued

    I did, and caught what happened as soon as I read your response. And then I followed you right off the cliff. Haha sorry man. That other post started to get out there so I just followed up with your post where you did and backed away slowly from the whole deal. Just mostly wanted to point out...
  15. knight_man

    V1 WILL be updated

    2 weeks or not if the V1 gets an upgrade and/or a facelift it better not come out the same time the potential Radenso release comes out. That would almost piss me off.. because I am going to probably have both. But then again, who needs food and electric anyway, right?!
  16. knight_man

    TXCTG/INCTG/MICTG - K-Band Testing (Falcon HR) - Lakeville Newton Course - 08-18-2019

    I tried off, and I found the Pro M to be almost unpleasant. Slightly better than the Redline but definitely not worth the distance hit. Low is the best compromise I could achieve to enjoy the rest of the detector without clipping its wings and rendering it a fancy speedo. When I headed out to...
  17. knight_man

    Announcement All social groups to be discontinued

    I am having a hard time disagreeing with you. Seems there is a lot more going on than I am privy, so I have been just watching things unfold and evolve. And hey my opinions are not a knock on anything, just my 2 cents. Fact is you have a lot more invested here than I do or probably ever will. So...
  18. knight_man

    Announcement Leaks from Private Areas

    Just so I (or maybe others) have a clear idear... what is considered a leak of information? I just don’t want to be that guy... Seems like there are a lot of things happening here so fast I am just not picking up what everyone is putting down all the time. Again, I just don’t want to be the jerk.
  19. knight_man

    Announcement All social groups to be discontinued

    Maybe the solution is to bring certain off CM topics above general levels? It seems even a lot of public and general CM topics maybe need a second look to where they should live. Point is, I can appreciate the simplicity admins are aiming for, but that is also taking away from what draws many...