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    Steathliness of Netradar

    Is anyone aware of any improvements to the stealthiness of this unit. The latest results seem to be from Vortex in 2018 showing a detection range of about 20 feet and a cone approximately 10 degrees off-axis. Alternatively, has anyone had encounters with Spectre?
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    Anyone know of Perspex962 suppliers in Canada

    I live in the Toronto area and want to make my ALP installation stealthy. Thanks, in advance.
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    VIP Antenna Errors

    That is the same as what I started receiving before my system went dead. Take out your multimeter and test for the failed component. My problem was the laser system which cascaded to the computer rendering the whole system down.
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    Stealth Installs - can we start a new thread?

    Was the Perspex interfering with your system? Please share so we can all learn.
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    It' in Ontario now.

    Thanks for posting this. I missed it in the news and the option to vote this into law. Another thread says that the red light cameras out west are being converted and i heard some are lidar-based.
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    Highway detectors intercepting Bluetooth signals

    Keep in mind that those Bluetooth MAC addresses in vehicles cannot be changed as easily as our phones. It's kinda smart. The technology war continues... 1568334070 I did a little digging. The technology has been around for many years. It looks like a box that is pole mounted with a power...
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    Stealth Installs - can we start a new thread?

    I can see the rear sensor on the left through the plastic. Perhaps it's just the camera and the sunlight. Can it be seen while standing next to it in sunlight? I was thinking of making the same setup but now have some reservations. In my jurisdiction, they will rip your car apart when they...
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    Ontario Winter/ Summer Weather Durability

    Thanks folks. This is helpful. I couldn't find a poll but did see a thread that reports left expectancy. Since the setup still requires the old receivers, I can see that there are still risks. I'll have to factor in the replacement costs.
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    Laser head visibility in non-legal state/province

    I've seen a few x5 installations and it looks very easy because of the grill design in the BMW. I've installed the Stinger which was very involved. The rear ones seem to stick out like a sore thumb even if they hide under a shadow from under a lip.
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    Ontario Winter/ Summer Weather Durability

    Are there any Ontario, Canada drivers that can report the number of years that they have been running ALP. I run the next best competitor system that might have a problem with the seals degrading in our weather conditions. I posted a thread and i seem to be the only one running the system in...
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    Laser head visibility in non-legal state/province

    I noticed that the heads are a decent size to be noticeable. Has anyone had any questions about the heads during a non-speeding roadside stop (e.g. RIDE program, safety check, accident)? I am aware of the reasonable suspicion criteria but once the heads are noticed, reasonable suspicion...
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    Laser System Failure Rate Poll

    Thanks to all for assisting. I have been working with an engineer in the Netherlands. Since i have not heard anything from someone in an area that has salted winter roads, i would assume that there are not that many installations. I've decided that it's just not worth installing the laser...
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    Laser System Failure Rate Poll

    I have been working with Stinger to diagnose the problem modules for months. The procedure requires taking voltage and resistance across specific points in the hardware. We're now at a point where they want to sell me new equipment (basically scrapping the previous installation), so i have to...
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    Laser System Failure Rate Poll

    The damage does not appear to be visible, so i suspect that it is inside the laser receiver box with some seal broken down. This has cascaded down to the computer component in both cases. The laser heads are the small ones and not the legacy squares. The lab was wrapped in a plastic bag to...
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    Beware - DETC is a BEAST! Small black car, 3 front heads, 80% punch through at all distances

    Is it possible that the lidar is hitting the mirrors from behind? They seem to be close and unprotected. Depending on the speed and distances, a hand should not be steady enough to stay on the tail lights. You might consider moving the lidar midpoint in the car (nice car by the way).
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    Laser System Failure Rate Poll

    I think the Freedom system came afterwards as a standalone. Sorry if i don't know the exact name since i know it as part of the VIP system. The laser receiver head fails, then shorts out the LAB, then shorts out the Computer Console. This is the second time now each about 2 years apart. I...
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    Used Stinger VIP Value?

    It's possible it was sold used because it was a damaged unit. You can try to test out each component in the system using a multi-meter.
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    Laser System Failure Rate Poll

    The system is the Stinger VIP v.4.4 with the small fiber optic lasers. With the change in design in the laser heads, it's not clear if there will be an improvement in the durability since the lasers seem to aggregate into another box that would be exposed to the elements. I've had it about 4...
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    Laser System Failure Rate Poll

    Firstly, i am happy with the radar hardware and the vision of the system. I was just wondering if people have had failure in their laser systems? Since i don't have access to failure rates, i was wondering if others on this forum have had similar experiences. It seems like my unit fails after...
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    Uniden R7's vs. Spectre III & Spectre Elite

    Does anyone have a fix to their leaky R7 yet (maybe better shielding)? Their documentation still claims undetectable to Spectre I and IV but these videos clearly show it can be detected.