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  1. nomore55

    Help to ID old radar detector

    Regardless, cool stuff only to be seen here on RDFORUM.ORG !! Thanks for posting. I owned the original Escort, but don't recognize this device at all.
  2. nomore55

    V1 WILL be updated

    ...and they say, "there's no such thing as bad PR!"
  3. nomore55

    Highway Radar: Waze + VASCAR aircraft alerts on Android

    Ferius, thanks for the work. At some point in the future, will we be moving away from the charcoal on anthracite color scheme of the current map?
  4. nomore55

    SCHP Rare Marked Patrol Vehicles

    I luv that old grey market 5 series. Great fotos !
  5. nomore55

    Double sided tape.

    The 3M VHB is excellent. I wouldn't sweat it.
  6. nomore55

    Double sided tape.

    OMG. I bought a roll of this LLP tape. It's freakin' huge! 9" diameter roll of tape !
  7. nomore55


    We're glad too! Welcome aboard !!
  8. nomore55

    Radar I hate 25 mph zones

    A-men! Someone started that other thread about 'where is the only place you drive slow?' For me, it's when I'm in RI :( Extreme caution is required when on any local road.
  9. nomore55

    Highway Radar: Waze + VASCAR aircraft alerts on Android

    Got it. Thanks Marty!
  10. nomore55

    Radar I hate 25 mph zones

    Not in RI. I think that state has got the most abusive posted speed limits and only for one reason.
  11. nomore55

    Highway Radar: Waze + VASCAR aircraft alerts on Android

    Guys, two questions: Why does the top arrow in the list of LEO alerts sometimes turn from white to a color (green?) What is it trying to tell me? When I switch to the map display, the map is essentially charcoal and has very little contrast for my tired, old eyes. Is it supposed to be like...
  12. nomore55

    Double sided tape.

    A few folks on Amazon with product reviews say it does well under high temp and rain. 1568758520 underneath his video: " LLP International Group12 hours ago Thank you very much for Project Farm on the tests of LLP-Tapes. LLP Inc is manufacturer and selling products directly to consumers...
  13. nomore55

    Double sided tape.

    I see the LLPT tape on eBay and Amazon so far...
  14. nomore55

    Double sided tape.

    Yeah, I've got both versions of the Gorilla product and it is good... (I'll watch the video later.)
  15. nomore55


    Where's the new detector?
  16. nomore55

    Is Running no front plate in MA asking for trouble?

    I think riding around with only a rear plate, when you are supposed to have both front and rear, is clearly a roll of the dice in MA. With that said, I see tons of people with the newer style plates riding around with only a rear so perhaps the threat isn't that serious. Hard to say. I just...
  17. nomore55

    DFR7 I/O K Band Save

    Yeah, RVM is taking up too much real estate. Other than that, good video - - almost has an instructional quality to it !
  18. nomore55

    K-band on Puerto Rico

    Gabriel, welcome aboard. Do your local police use K band radar?
  19. nomore55

    Buh-bye G35...

    We've got a 2007 AWD version. Been a great car, right at 150k miles now. Starting to look at some $$$ repairs in the near-term. The fotos you shared, JB, gave me some comfort in realizing it's a strong car, I know the powertrain is just a monster.