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  1. hiddencam

    Lidar Another Stalker taken down by TMG

    Always fun getting shot with laser - and they LOVE their laser in Memphis.
  2. hiddencam

    AR Highway Police shooting XLR

    Rear scatter pickup by the ALPs as he was targeting vehicles coming towards him. This was Benton, AR on I-40. @dchemist's stomping ground. This is the first time I've seen the AR Highway Police shooting lidar in this particular area.
  3. hiddencam

    5 tickets in one pull over

    Sounds like he went with the no lube option. He's compensating for something. Attorney should help you out a bit, good luck man.
  4. hiddencam

    Placement suggestions for 2016 VW Jetta GLI

    Don't think left or right of the emblem matters for the TX. But test against the tough guns you face and tweak if a weakness is revealed.
  5. hiddencam

    Fox Body Install

    I don't. Plus you bring the RXs out as far as you can down there, make them stick out from that designed recess. Reflections and interference is what seems to cause problems and RXs higher / on top of the bumper may add problems. The TX does all the heavy lifting anyway and it's a pretty...
  6. hiddencam

    Fox Body Install

    TX next to the pony and green RX should test well on that car.
  7. hiddencam

    Has anyone found an easy way of mounting a remote M3 antenna to the windshield?

    Radenso visor mount with some shoe glue worked well for my NetRadar DSP antenna.
  8. hiddencam

    Hi, best rd for X band?

    I'd go further and say it depends on what they're measuring and how they're actually measuring it. Seems to me they need add lab tests that actually replicate the real-world; add some attenuators to replicate vegetation and add some tiny reflectors to replicate fixed obstacles, all inside the...
  9. hiddencam

    Hi, best rd for X band?

    Good enough for me! Lab numbers don't always reflect real-world performance either. Uniden can claim to match the Redline in the lab, but in the toughest set ups, with the weakest signals, that might not actually be the case. Just like when Escort engineers claimed no difference in the lab...
  10. hiddencam

    Hi, best rd for X band?

    Yeah I hear ya. Might have made a difference, might not have. Just like that traffic ahead for the Redline, and maybe the very negligible mounting variation. Maybe those 3 things might could have helped the R3 on the right run. So hard to control those pesky reflections that can't be seen!
  11. hiddencam

    Which will come first, an updated V1 or a new Radenso?

    V1 first. And I'm excited about BOTH of them.
  12. hiddencam

    Placement suggestions for 2016 VW Jetta GLI

    Red and yellow look good. I'd suggest 22-27 inches RX separation (inside edge to inside edge) if you can. I don't have the GLI any more so can't measure it myself to see if that will work. ALP do provide install guidelines on minimum separation from TX to RX too, so make sure that's right...
  13. hiddencam

    Hi, best rd for X band?

    You're absolutely right, great memory. On May 18, 2017 Kuni confirmed to us via email that they had raised X band sensitivity to match the Redline at -112dB. For some reason, TXCTG's testing on May 29 didn't see the improvement. I just looked for FW info in that May 29 testing thread but...
  14. hiddencam

    Hi, best rd for X band?

    Looks like it's V1, Max360, and Redline take the podium Gold/Silver/Bronze. The Cobra is the surprising dark horse in there too!
  15. hiddencam

    Radar DFR7 Fail, Constant Owned by Park Ranger with 35.5

    If you want, we can replicate the encounter in a couple weeks when I'm back in Little Rock with a Decatur Genesis II 35.5 gun.
  16. hiddencam

    Radar DFR7 Fail, Constant Owned by Park Ranger with 35.5

    I dunno man....I'm not convinced that was CO. There's a metal post with no parking sign which I'd expect might/could/would have offered a reflection for an earlier alert if it were CO. I'm inclined to say that either he's a ninja I/Oer or just happened to turn it on approaching the curve in...
  17. hiddencam

    Honda KA false? Two Chrysler Pacificas in convoy, spewing a bunch of BSM falses caused my R1 to false on 34.7.
  18. hiddencam

    Sold Radenso Pro Series - Not the Pro M $120 Shipped in the US

    Despite not having the LNA that the Pro-SE has, that's a great price for a very good budget GPS detector!