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    Encountering a lot of 35.5 these days.

    From South Fulton Parkway, to Peachtree City, to McDonough GA. Sure am seeing a lot of it. I used to see KA band very, very rarely. But i sure am seeing a lot of 35.5 these days.
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    Learning the VIP (Internals)

    Hardware Components: CPU Ram NINYA (cc11) 128M Micron (cc11, cc12) Unknown Size (i don't have a clear enough picture) GPS (CC12) Ublox Max-M8 GPS (CC11) Ublox LEA-6S-0-001 Sound UART Node: /dev/ttyS0 We'll need to find where the UART Terminals are. JTAG Unknown Location. Looks...
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    I/O X-band

    Couldn't believe it. Was travelling through Bremen Ohio and encountered a sudden strong blast of X-band. Fortunately, I treated it as a threat and slowed down as seconds later I get another blast and lo-and-behold, a local cruiser is running by before pulling a U-turn. I didn't know that X-band...
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    New Display side buttons.

    Just discovered an apparently incomplete feature for the new display. If you have it and, like me, really want extra side buttons, you can use them by: 1) Hold Stinger S button for a few seconds 2) Overlay with three buttons on left side appears. 3) Click appropriate button to launch the...
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    4.0.50 BSM false increase?

    I've noticed a distinct increase in BSM falsing since upgrading. Particularly on these Frequencies: 24.198 24.084 I drive in severe traffic, so i haven't been able to narrow down which vehicles are causing it. Anyone else noticing it?
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    Questioning the General consensus on Alignment

    Hey Folks, fun question here. So lets get right to it. So just FYI, this comes from discussion recently about the Poliscan, a lidar based automated tracking system for nailing speeders. Apparently it sits quite off-axis, which presents a unique threat to traditional jammers, which are designed...
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    2004 Ford Ranger - Stinger VIP

    Had a couple folks ask for this. Well here it is. This install powered by 3M tape. Radar patch antennaes are on the Rear Window, and behind the front license plate holder. (Totally stealth) Note the rear is NOT an effective install. Due to time constraints i've yet to repair it...
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    Double Whammy: Stinger vs. GSP Ka 34.7 CO

    Encountered this Ka from a GSP down by Griffin, GA. Right as the alert occurred, a truck was crossing the intersection and just about ran out in front of me. (dashcam doesn't do it justice) Nothing like a blast of KA followed by near-miss with a truck. Had to stop by dairy queen after to cool...
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    Fibers vs Squares

    Okay, folks - got some questions for those who have tested the VIP's LaserShield performance. I've noticed it looks like most people are using Fibers, rather than transmitter squares. It's also been noted that the VIP's laser performance is sub-par (eg. to ALP). Anyone noticed a difference in...
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    Possible Lidar Save

    This was an unusual trap, clearly they were using lidar, but it's fast moving heavy traffic which would be difficult to pull someone over in. My speed changes from over 85 to about 65. Unknown if i was targeted directly, it's a reasonably good possibility given the obstructive truck. If i...