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  1. smllc

    R3 & S5

    1560392393 Plate was inspired by this forum.
  2. smllc

    Uniden R3 Power Loss In Reverse?

    As per my sig, I drive a '13 S5. The vehicle is equipped with a backup camera, and the detector is hard wired into the mirror using a tap. When putting the car in Reverse, the R3 "short-circuits" and the display really acts funky. When switching back to Drive, the detector reboots. Ideas...
  3. smllc

    Passing sheriff at +140.

    I've been busy with life, so I haven't been too involved with the community. However, every once and awhile something comes up and brings me back. Today, a few minutes ago, I had the S5 out of the garage with the R3. I had hit an open stretch, and quickly was cruising at +150. Nothing new to...
  4. smllc

    Dark tint new to me.

    Hey everyone, sorry for another tint thread but I need some perspective. I recently just went from 35% to 20% tint on my ride and I practically have a panic attack every time I pass an LEO. How strict is your law enforcement on tint? Have you been pulled? Ticket? Warning? Looking for everyones...
  5. smllc

    A believer in segmentation.

    While I have been using Radar Detectors for quite awhile, I was always concerned about the new (to me) idea of segmenting my detector. I do a lot of driving in Ohio where I/O is the only thing used during my encounters. Well, I decided to try out some segmentation on my R3 running 2/5/8 and it...
  6. smllc

    Do you prefer laser or radar usage?

    In my opinion laser is the better choice because you can use jammers, preferred against rolling/selective IO.
  7. smllc

    OSHP | Not paying attention?

    Today going 100+ through state lines, just after crossing into West Virginia from Ohio bridge, there sits a Ohio state trooper. Not sure what he was doing there as I really believe it was out of state lines, I almost had a heart attack because the limit dropped to 55 just as I saw him. R3 did...
  8. smllc

    IOS Application.

    Hello everyone, I'm a developer with experience on the IOS platform and was thinking about building an app that replicates and improves upon Wazes ability to notify users of speed traps. I am curious, would you guys be interested in this, and would you be willing to pay for it? Any specific...
  9. smllc

    I/O Usage.

    I find that most videos posted and experience found on the forum seem to be against Constant-On radar sources. However, around me all police are using selective I/O. Does anyone else face these more difficult threats? Curious about your experiences...
  10. smllc

    Aye, longtime creeper.

    Hey everyone, You can call me Michael. I've been a longtime stalker of the forums and user of RD's, but am just now creating an account. I first started with an RX65 M4, moved to a DFR7, and just today ordered a R3. Super excited!! Thanks for all the information and friendly conversation you...