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  1. erickonphoenix

    Possible Unmarked Tahoe Houston

    @RSOLO caught this possible unmarked Tahoe running full service lights on 59 Southbound. He can't absolutely verify it wasn't a stealth Tahoe but didn't think so.
  2. erickonphoenix

    Radar Moving CO K band ramp up on the Valentine One.

    Very nice example of a legit K band ramp up that could be confused with a BSM.
  3. erickonphoenix

    Radar "They mostly come out at night" V1 vs DPS IO Ka

    Sloppy IO shooting on 290W just after then 21 turnoff. I did not take this alert as seriously as I should have and I was nearly 15 over PSL. From testing I've done in this scenario he probably didn't get a lock until I cleared the trees.
  4. erickonphoenix

    ALP vs Stalker XLR third time same LEO

    My third incursion with this Stafford PD Stealth Charger. Stalker XLR with jam detection on puts the ALP on alert with some scatter then hits me direct. JTK, so he got a 5 under PSL indication. Of course Waze is the real star here. PW: GretaM54
  5. erickonphoenix

    erickonphoenix semi annual anti truck and SUV rant

    Over the past twenty years these garbage totes have become more and more popular on the highways. I can't see sh!t around these things and somehow - some way they have started migrating into the passing lane. A drivers car is a performance car, an SUV is a people carrier and a truck is a...
  6. erickonphoenix

    Close Lidar Strike Stafford PD Stalker

    Field of vision on the dashcam makes things look farther away than they are. This is a sub 200 ft Lidar strike with a severe off axis shooting angle. Given the close range and the cluster of traffic I think he was targeting vehicles behind me and I caught some scatter. If he did target me the...
  7. erickonphoenix

    2018 Audi RS3 First test flight

    A friend of mine recently bought a slightly used Audi RS3 and today we finally got around to executing it's first test flight up to Austin and back. I did navigator duty for the trip which included some OTJ my buddy on the Uniden R1. Our logged time was pretty average since we stopped for gas...
  8. erickonphoenix

    VID: First view of my new second hand eBay ICOM 5100a

    Bench test was a success, hopefully more to come.
  9. erickonphoenix

    Hall of Shame VID: erickonphoenix' demonstrate how not to advance in a lane reduction scenario

    This is a fine example of what gives Mustang drivers a bad reputation. Sorry for that. So many fails in this incursion but if I don’t document it then nobody learns anything, least of all me. No excuses, this is an area I’m very familiar with that features a lane reduction that drops from...
  10. erickonphoenix

    Got a new neighbor at work

    This thing was parked next to me this morning. What a gem! First one I've ever seen in person.
  11. erickonphoenix

    Nice Ka band detection on the V1 and some horseplay with a BMW 328d

    Captured this on the way to Austin Thursday. I edited down as much as I could but it still clocks in at six minutes. You'll find the Fayette County Tahoe detection start at around 1:15.
  12. erickonphoenix

    HPD Fumble (NSFW language)

    Nearly fumbled right past a fully marked HPD Tahoe this morning. Many f**ks uttered in this video. Managed to inch past him then realized he was a beat patrol cop who doesn't give beans about traffic.
  13. erickonphoenix

    Porsche vs FI Vette, opinions welcome

    I'm not moving on anything soon but curious what are members opinions on these two cars. FYI, for those that don't know I always do my own maintenance. I've got a mechanics background and a Jeep Wrangler to drive while my cars parked waiting on parts. So I don't worry about labor costs. I've had...
  14. erickonphoenix

    Police stop for obscured LP

    This is my second stop for an obscured plate the last one being in Sugar Land TX. Todays event was in Nassau Bay Texas. Sorry for the length of this video but even at nearly 7 minutes there’s action throughout. Nassau Bay PD initiated a contact on me over an obscured license plate. It had been...
  15. erickonphoenix

    NEWS: Don't ask when self driving cars will arrive, but where.

    Some promising intel that autonomous cars may never deploy outside of well mapped urban areas. Another good reason to live in the country.
  16. erickonphoenix

    Sometimes I don't understand HPD

    Both Texas State Troopers and the Fort Bend County deputies have been using rolling rear IO Ka band to great effectiveness lately. In fact it's the tactic I'm most afraid of but this morning I had HPD's stealth Camaro just posted up spraying constant on Ka then he suddenly runs and hides off the...
  17. erickonphoenix

    VID: Close call with some narrow K band today

    Lakeview PD rolling CO with what appears to be some new narrow K band caught me by surprise.
  18. erickonphoenix

    Stafford TX got a brand new Stealth Charger

    ...or new to me, I haven't seen it before and it was extra shiny and new looking. All blacked out parked quietly in the median between of HWY 69 South in the median of the Wilcest onramp. No radar or laser but Waze had him pinned to the millimeter so he must have been there a while.
  19. erickonphoenix

    VID: Low Speed Lidar Strike Sugar Land PD

    From yesterday morning, rapping on the Boafeng about traffic enforcement in the Sugar Land area and I got some first hand experience. Once again not pinned on Waze. PW: InterPol1588
  20. erickonphoenix

    2nd missed Waze pin

    I've now had two Lidar strikes that weren't pinned on Waze. Kind of wondering what's going on? Typically Waze has been if nothing else false prone and now I've had two missed reports. There was that high speed Lidar strike from HPD which was kind of understandable as it's a less traveled road...