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    New Ignore Feature?

    Can you guys please re-institute the ignore feature? There are a few members that I would like to put back on ignore.
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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    I dont even know the exact time but its around 5 minutes with Zero signal before the ALP will kick you out of defense mode. It will depend how long it will take you to travel that 1.5 miles of that tunnel but in reality as you said its not a big issue and guys are making it to be the end of the...
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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    I have told everyone atleast 30 times that the requirement is not going away. So yes if this one feature bothers someone so badly they will have to look at other products because AL has made it clear its not going away. Not sure if I need to say it 100 or 1000 times more its not going to...
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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    HW2 CPU's were never sold requiring the GPS so they cant force that requirement on older systems already sold without the requirement... GPS requirement was added with the TX Sensors and all new HW versions will require it as standard regardless of the configuration. Love it or hate it that is...
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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    I have said it since the TX Sensors came out that GPS would be required and AntiLaser WILL NOT change this requirement. We have had this same conversation for over 2 years and they are not going to change this. The GPS Antennas if installed properly will work perfectly fine and if signal is...
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    Steathliness of Netradar

    There has been no hardware changes to the antennas changes since all the past NR DSP testing.
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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    There are other products out there. If this one extremely rare situation is such a concern to you all I guess you need another product. Don't get an ALP, Escort or Stinger product because they all will have GPS limits on Jamming.
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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    Is it going to take you over 5 minutes to go over the bridge above the speed limit with zero signal? You guys are really exaggerating this setting issue. The VZ Bridge is 4260 feet and speed limit is 45 so if you are lucky enough to not have traffic it will take you less than a minute and you...
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    ALP Bug - weak GPS sensor

    Of course you will lose GPS Signal in a tunnel. The ALP System will however still protect you for a few minutes when you lose GPS Signal completely (Not Weak Signal.... No Signal at all). After several minutes the system will come back out of Defense Mode until it see's active signal again...
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    Auction ALP - 5 Rx w/ HiFi $1100 Starting, $1500 BIN

    Can you get me a sensor number? CPU shows it was put into service in 2016 and was replaced by the original owner 5/2018 for some issue.
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    Sold/Ended AL Priority HW2 CPU

    This is a late 2015 CPU... There is no warranty but no other issues that I can see.
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    Buy Now AL Priority Rx Sensor Cables wrapped with Tesa tape - $20 ea

    They are not extension cables... They are sensor cables.
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    Cutting metal visor mount

    If you want to cut up a metal mount easiest way is with a grinder. You might be able to also use a dremel with a grinding disc attachment. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    ALP Netradar DSP Firmware 111.207

    There is no new firmware this month... Maybe you upgraded your radar antenna or some of the modules which might have been out of date.
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    BT stuck in City Mode

    Hit Modify Settings on BT and go to the radar section and choose your connected antennas and choose bands, and filters for each antenna and save and download it into the ALP.
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    BT stuck in City Mode

    You probably did a firmware update that reset your settings and you did not re-enable the radar detector in the settings.
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    BT stuck in City Mode

    What do you mean its stuck in City Mode? How are you trying to change it? Have you done the recent update from July? Did you load a new config file after the update?
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    Escort DualPro 360??

    Its the Cobra model... Dual Pro 360
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    For Sale 2 Escort Redline Radar Detectors. $225 Each shipped in the US.

    I only compared them against the NR DSP and both Redline's were equal in performance but the DSP was better on KA. That was at the time of the changeover from the rubberized case to the plastic so I opened both to see if there were any differences between the two and they performed equal to...
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    Buy Now eBay - Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition - Make Offers

    There are no revisions on the ALP's that Radenso uses... Radenso only has HW2 CPU's and that is what they will continue to sell for their bundled units. There is no need for any HW4 CPU's to be used with the RCM as the only benefit of HW4 has to do with Net Radar connected systems.