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    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    I believe that sign is at 24.189, awful close to Notch filter (24.194 – 24.205GHz.) I'm on 1.37 and picked it up on Sunday still.
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    Calgary! What is this? Sound detection?

    I remember reading in the news a bit ago the city was wanting to pilot some noise detecting sensors. Might be related to that: Noise Sensors to curb Calgary Clamour
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    Uniden R3 2.0?

    Same boat here...feel your pain although still having quite some fun with this thing and re-learning the ropes of using a RD. Visions boxing day sale here in Calgary sucked me in. Didn't notice RD's were final sales or may have returned it once I heard the R7 was out. Yeah, those redflex...
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    Checking In! Where are we from?

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    New user here. Mainly V1, but currently using R3.

    Welcome, Just joined here a couple weeks back myself. Long time V1 user but trying out an R3. Hard to go without arrows after you're used to it isn't it.
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    Anyone run 93 octane?

    We have an Acura RDX turbo which my wife drives mostly. We sometimes alternate between 87, 91 and 94(10-15% ethanol blended available at very few gas stations). Around town you can't really notice, but on the highway the higher octane really does make the car accelerate better as I suspect 87...
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    Intro - Mike G

    Wow, thanks for all the warm welcomes folks! Had my first real hit today on KA band. Must have been Instant On and was a long way down the road when the R3 heard it and alerted for a split second. Slowed down for so long I had dismissed it as gone then came up on someone pulled over on the...
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    Uniden R7 Announced & features discussion thread

    I know the feeling. I had a V1 a long time back and just stopped using RD's as I aged and had kids. Saw a sale on boxing day and decided to jump back into the market with an R3. It was a final sale in the fine print I didn't notice during the craziness on Boxing Day, POS systems kept...
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    Intro - Mike G

    Hi from Calgary, I found this forum over Xmas when I decided to get back into the Radar Detector game. I bought a V1 in the early 90's and was using it until about 5 years ago. It needed an update which I never got around to doing or spending on so it was put aside. I saw a sale on boxing...