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  1. SteadySpeedin

    Florida Lidar Shoot out 2016!

    I may have to come to this shoot out. I'm in the Fort Myers area, so something in or around West Palm Beach isn't too much of a hike for me. I will be following this thread :cool:
  2. SteadySpeedin

    Pulled the Trigger. 2008 Acura TL w/Nav

    Congrats! I'm on my 2nd TL. I had a 2006 prior to the 2008 that I have right now. It's a fun car to drive, and it has great places to install CM's, but I've had far too many issues with both of mine. My 2006 starting having transmission issues around 120k (bought it with 50,000 miles and...
  3. SteadySpeedin

    Paced @ 20 over the PSL. Surprising encounter...

    I do have my concealed weapon/firearm license. However, I don't believe Florida links its concealed weapon/firearm license database with the driver's license database.
  4. SteadySpeedin

    Paced @ 20 over the PSL. Surprising encounter...

    Hey, Pointer. It was in Lee County. FDOT dropped all of the speed limits on 41 that were 55 mph, down to 50 mph. They only did it for the stretch that goes through Lee County, though. As soon as you cross over into Collier County, it goes back up to 55. How stupid is that?
  5. SteadySpeedin

    Paced @ 20 over the PSL. Surprising encounter...

    Well, I got pulled over last night for speeding. My Lukas LK-7950 WD stopped working about a week ago, so no dash cam footage. I'm on my second one under warranty coverage. Ughhh... Anyway, this was the first time I had been pulled over, ever since I moved down here (August 2011). I was late...
  6. SteadySpeedin

    Radar K Band is alive and well in Southwest Florida!

    I was surprised to see the K Band system inside one of their new Tauruses.
  7. SteadySpeedin

    So Whats the "Top Secret" Escort News

    I was thinking about this. Of all of the speeding tickets that I've fought in the past, all of them got dropped to a generic moving violation with 0 points (Failure to obey a traffic control device). This would obviously make your FINAL ticket ineligible. However, what I take from their terms...
  8. SteadySpeedin

    So Whats the "Top Secret" Escort News

    Interesting. I assume that this detector will utilize the M4 Horn. Can anyone confirm this? (I haven't been on for a while, cut me some slack :p ) I wonder how much money Escort has set aside for these tickets. Laser is next to impossible to beat, with a detector alone. As far as radar goes...
  9. SteadySpeedin

    Worse than a ticket?

    Ughhh... I'm never going to live that down. Damn horses :rant: :horse: :rant: ---------- Post added at 05:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:03 PM ---------- I no drive Honda Civic... :rant:
  10. SteadySpeedin

    I got a little nugget from V One!

    Not too much, man. I started to lose interest in the hobby, and I'm starting to gain it back (and I'll admit, I do miss the people here, as well ;) ) I see that there's a new player in the LJ market. It's a good thing that I got rid of my Laser Interceptor HP's when I did. Heh. Yeah...
  11. SteadySpeedin

    I got a little nugget from V One!

    The truck probably had LED tail lights and just happened to set it off at the right time. The cop was probaby sleeping :D. LIDAR is not legal to use in PA. Ka band, on the other hand, is legal to use. You have a better chance of hitting the lottery than actually encountering it, though. Lol.
  12. SteadySpeedin

    thoughts on ultra high performance all season tires

    I recently bought a set of Pirelli Cinturato P7 All-Season Plus XL tires. So far they've handled very well. I haven't had too much experience with wet driving conditions yet, given that it stays pretty dry around this time of year. (South Florida). However, from what little experience I did have...
  13. SteadySpeedin

    Where's that video of a guy getting pulled over and..........

    Yeah, I feel like I've definitely learned how to handle traffic stops better. Before, they used to make me nervous as hell. Now, not so much. Haha. I appreciate the love, Pointer! :D
  14. SteadySpeedin

    Where's that video of a guy getting pulled over and..........

    I still lurk from time to time ;) I felt like I had to come on here and explain this whole encounter, as quite a few people are giving me shit for some of my actions (and rightfully so, I will add :D) At the time this happened, I was 18 and it was the 2nd time that I had ever been pulled...
  15. SteadySpeedin

    How many miles does your Vehicle have?

    2008 Acura TL - 97,000 miles
  16. SteadySpeedin

    FDA proposing new limitations on lasers

    That's exactly what came to mind when I went through the list... If you can't get your way by going through the proper legislative channels, just take the 'backdoor' approach, through regulatory agencies, or issue some executive orders...
  17. SteadySpeedin

    You are committing a felony. Hand me the phone,” O’Brien says. Read more:

    I dread the day that I get pulled over in Dade or Broward County, especially since I always carry when I visit those areas. The cops over there are notorious for being anti-citizen, anti-1A,2A,4A... I mean shit, they're just about anti-everything that is pro-citizen. Lol. This lady definitely...
  18. SteadySpeedin

    Radar Almost got nailed today, going 20 over. Situational Awareness FAIL! Lol

    Yeah, sleeping or... LOL But yeah, I'm definitely glad that he wasn't on his game. Heh.
  19. SteadySpeedin

    Radar Almost got nailed today, going 20 over. Situational Awareness FAIL! Lol I was going 60 in a 40. Luckily, I was able to slam the brakes, take a nose dive, and shave at least 15 mph off of my speed, before he clocked me. My windows were down, and so were his, and I know he had to hear my V1 blaring the Ka...
  20. SteadySpeedin

    V1c and bluetooth thingy

    A CD is $50.46 w/UPS Ground shipping included, off of the V1 website. Add another ~$15 for a splitter or the 3-plug direct wire set, from safe-n-sound, and you're at $65. $65 may not be far from $100, but it's still 35% cheaper. In addition to that (and I this is the main reason why I use a CD...