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  1. Eloi

    You die Tomorrow, who are you giving your CMs to?

    do you know to whom you will give all your cms ? Like my wife told me she will place everything cm in a container and bye bye. To whom you bequeath ? I have a name : @System ...the problem is i dont plan to pass away before many decades . Then who knows when/why/how we must all go ?
  2. Eloi

    Android How Stop Contacts ?

    On my phone , i have a max of 40 contacts ...but today i checked , it went to over 1000 ! Is there a way to stop this proliferation like rabbits ? Thanks.
  3. Eloi

    Viofo : Ultra Good Service

    My out-of-warranty A119 dashcam did not record anymore. After contacting Bill Zhou thru Viofo customer service i had the offer to get a new A119 , free of charge no question asked . All i have to do is return the cam in China at my charge and send thru paypal the $13 usd for the return fees ...
  4. Eloi

    Happy Easter 2019

    Everyone has his own destiny ...and i wish a good one for everyone here ...because you are good people !
  5. Eloi

    Did'nt even know it exists : BattleBots

    Captivating ...
  6. Eloi

    Spear versus Sword : the Winner ?

    Which do you vote for ? ...before seeing the video ...:confused:
  7. Eloi

    Xmas Spirit @ WW2

    True story ...let be Peace...
  8. Eloi

    Military Bloopers

    On some i cant hold my laugh being such a serious matter ...they are really human ! Tough job for sure.
  9. Eloi

    Hidden Defense for Switzerland

    Many of you will find interesting how this country protect itself ....very secretly . Start @ 30 secs , in french but images talk for themselves .
  10. Eloi

    Yellow Jackets Protest Against Testing

    Everyone saw the chaos generated with testing please join the army of seniors against TESTING any equipment in any condition. We are an army of volunteers ready to fight brutality toward Diodes female or male. S T O P the carnage :laugh...
  11. Eloi

    External Led Pin-Out

    I need help to re-crimp my connector going into the cpu .. there are 6 wires in the black cable , someone would know the sequence when looking the locking tab up ? I am confused as my old connector has only 4 wires ...yellow/red/green/blue. Thanks.External by Eloi posted Nov 23, 2018 at 5:09 PM
  12. Eloi

    Medical use of 904nm

    '' Use of the pulsed infrared diode laser (904 nm) in the treatment of alopecia areata , a rapid and complete loss of hair in one or several patches, usually on the scalp, affecting both males and females equally.'' I am not expert to compare the power used in this treatment compared to a leo...
  13. Eloi

    Mixing 2 Rx ?

    Seems weird , but here is my dilemma : i have 2 Rx sensors / from 2014 / . Sensor A is able to detect perfectly but dont fire, tested with ir cam. Sensor B fires but wont detect when in tandem with a good sensor , brand new. Can i mix the A & B to form an effective Rx ? I mean by merging...
  14. Eloi

    Difference Alpha 15 versus Alpha 13 ?

    Is the 13 more advanced than the 15 ? Key Features Our super-high-power laser diode laser jammer works against variable pulse rate(VPR) laser guns, such as LTI TrueCAM among other more traditional ones, with parking mode and no jamming code. It comes with two or four transponders. We have also...
  15. Eloi

    Tx installed , possible to Removeby Config ?

    On an installed 2Rx-1Tx , because i want to test if the Rxs are working well wihtout driving 20mph+ ( want to stay in the garage ). Question : can i <remove> the Tx by using the configuration process ? This way the system will act as a dual , and can be shot and checked for response with a...
  16. Eloi

    Other Is it only me ? When Passenger is Wife

    I would like to know your experience when your wife is passenger. Mine would comment , denounce my driving behavior days and night , for good or bad moves. Today i was coming left on 2 lanes highway @ 76 mph ...well here is the story in vid . Would have been alone , i would brush away the...
  17. Eloi

    Other Distraction = Side Kiss

    No big damage ...just the kiss of steel ... cell / in the moon / sleeping ? SIDE KISS by Eloi posted Oct 10, 2018 at 11:51 AM
  18. Eloi

    On demand : Error 2 ?

    For those living in laser banned area , would it be a good idea to create a config file that simulate an error 2 in loop ? Instead of explaining to leos that those heads are a parking aid flip the usb in , if leos go further you start the system .....error 2 check blabla. You : < damn...
  19. Eloi

    Tmg : How many will buy <<Just to Test >> ?

    I know the majority of us is using the Alp . Curiosity sake : how many will buy just to test . If i had some extra dough . i would buy a dual just to evaluate and share my finding with others. Who knows it could be the hit of the cms industry ,,, even bigger than the R apparition ? I remember...
  20. Eloi

    For XYD : Cat Pics

    Feel free to add your pic , this cat belongs to my neighboor , he is always around my house and as soon i use the water hose he will stare quietly at the running water have their own mental universe. IMG_20180627_195537 by Eloi posted Sep 1, 2018 at 10:02 PM