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  1. CRS123

    Switching profiles behavior

    ALP dual with TX. Netradar DSP front regular in back. After switching profiles, and I dip under 18MPG the car logo and led stay blue instead of turning yellow when under the required speed to activate the TX. This behavior is the same using WiFi or Bluetooth. Is this normal? Before I switch...
  2. CRS123

    Audio Alert for BT

    Will we ever get "Interference Detection Only" audio alert with the Bluetooth like there currently is on the Hi Fi? CRS
  3. CRS123

    Double check me on this

    Hey all. Just did the new ALP update, and my update firmware says everything is up to date now including the Antenna firmware (DSP front and Regular rear). Could someone please verify that I have the correct firmware versions? Thanks
  4. CRS123

    Lockouts with iPhone-iOS

    I recently switched to iphone for my dedicated ALP/NetRadar display. The display works better for me visually because I can use polarizing sunglasses without it darkening the screen. I was have some trouble with K band lockouts, and remembered that this used to be an issue with NetRadar and...
  5. CRS123


    I had a false Polyscan alert in central California today. Is polyscan used in California as far as anyone knows? If not, I may turn of poly scan in the user prefs. CRS
  6. CRS123

    Los Angeles Lidar Testers

    just curious as to whether there are any Lidar testers in Los Angeles area? CRS
  7. CRS123

    After Factory Reset....

    I need to do a factory reset after installing a new from TX sensor so the system will memorize the new set up. QUESTION: After the reset, I know I have to reload profiles, but do I need to reload firmware, voicepack etc which are currently up to date? Or just the profiles? Thanks CRS
  8. CRS123

    Question Deleted :-(

    Was not aware it was against RDF constitution to ask if a product offered any discount codes. I was informed, with no explanation, that my question was deleted. Disappointed:-( CRS
  9. CRS123

    Nice DSP (NetRadar) Detection

    On Pacific Coast Highway, going PSL because this area is fiercely enforced Lidar, C/O, I/O etc. This was a local sheriff with C/O (C/O is becoming more rare) I'm pleased with the distance of the first detection given the curvy terrain on the coast. Here is a video> CRS
  10. CRS123

    TX or Standard Sensor for Front?

    So, I'm pondering adding a bit more muscle to my front protection here in California. So far no dragons, but more and more front hits from TrueSpeed S and ProLaser 3. I get hit coming around curves, going downhill with the LEO shooting from the bottom of the hill, and regular straight on...
  11. CRS123

    ALP TX GPS Question

    Since TX requires a 20 MPH threshold to be active, what happens in cases (such as canyon/mountain roads) where GPS lock is lost for a minute or so? Would TX function or not? Just curious. CRS
  12. CRS123

    DSP Update

    I am using a dedicated Android (which has no sim card/cell connection) for my ALP/NetRadar DSP setup. Can DSP antenna be updated automatically over the bluetooth connection when everything else is up to date? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but over time, it seems that update procedures have...
  13. CRS123

    DLI & Warm-up

    After I JTK, If I want to hear "interference detection only" , Do I set my ALP prefs to: After LID timeout : DLI + Warm-up? Thanks CRS
  14. CRS123

    Lidar Calif. Grapevine Lidar Hit

    Traveling south on the Grapevine, I had set cruise control to 70 MPH (5 above PSL) because my Netradar had been blowing up on Ka 34.7 all down Highway 99 and the grapevine. This CHP hit me at about 1500 feet. Jtk'd right away to avoid any CM suspicions. He pulled out and lit up a car about 1500...
  15. CRS123

    ALP App Graphics Update?

    Ok....just floating this thought. So...the little blinking car is cute and all, but actual easy to see arrows would be easier to discern with a quick glance IMHO. Maybe a round ALP logo in the center (that changes colors according to alert type) surrounded by up down left and right arrows...
  16. CRS123

    Point Blank Lidar Shot

    This encounter was in Glendale California on a stretch of road where radar/lidar is rare. (NOTE: certain Los Angeles streets were not speed enforceable by radar or lidar due to the fact that the city had not updated their street surveys....that is, up until recently) Alp identified the gun as...
  17. CRS123

    Radar Nice Long Detection, 34.7 NetRadar DSP

    Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California. MOTO LEO approaching from opposite direction who I believe is running both front and rear Ka 34.7 C/O. Given that we were both in motion makes the detection distance even more impressive. NOTE: I had stuffed my old redline (original) on a visor...
  18. CRS123

    DSP Sensitivity Tweaks?

    Here in California...I'm looking for maximum 34.7 Ka sensitivity. This is due to twisty road scenarios where I like to do my uuhhmm...."Spirited" driving :-) How much of the Ka sensitivity, (usable detection range), is Hardware limited vs Firmware tweakable? I'd love to know if my DSP is...
  19. CRS123

    R3: When OS Support?

    Yeah I can run a virtual windows on a Mac...but my Macs are my work environment......don't want to mess with them...and literally everyone I know uses macs for home and professional. Not having update software for Mac seems like ancient times. Any hope in the future to make Mac...
  20. CRS123

    Looking for Feedback on this Ka Encounter

    I’d like some feedback on this Ka Band alert. I’m using ALP/NetRadar with a DSP up front, regular net radar in the rear. Front antenna mounted un-obstructed in cut-out, through the front grill with clear view of the road. Some nice longer range detections on Ka 34.7 here in California but I’m...