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    V1Driver has been designed to be "Fail Safe" from day one

    I couldn't help notice this thread about the risks in using "other" apps. Silent Ride muted a legit alert... No GPS Fix! I try not to bash the "competition", because, well, it's all free, right. I went to great lengths to make V1Driver fail safe. A lot users just go for eye candy and they...
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    Watch out, you'll never hear it coming

    I'm sure Ludicrous+ Mode comes standard.
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    Latest Software update from Tesla encorages driver to move out of Passing Lane

    I don't have the update yet and should get it any day now. This was posted by a Model S owner that has the new update. I thought some of you might like that.
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    Anyone ready for an EV Pickup Truck (Rivian)

    My guess is Tesla will have a Pickup truck on the road with existing supercharger network (which is a must) before these folks do. But regardless this is pretty impressive specs for the money.
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    Waze on Tesla, Cool Stuff

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    iOS Version [Beta]

    Bug - Occasionally on iOS 12 when disconnected from V1 the GPS was not always shutting down. I've not had any reports of this problem but I've seen it happen a few times over the past few months.
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    Android Version [Beta, Release] Samsung Android 8.0 LE

    Change - Samsung finally fixed proper Bluetooth LE Scanning on Android 8.0 so V1Driver no longer defaults to Legacy mode Scan on LE Dongle on Samsung Phones If you have a Samsung phone running Android 8.0 with LE Dongle you can now turn off "Legacy Scan on Oreo" under Bluetooth Settings
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    iOS 2.0.50 Released to App Store.

    Feature - V1Driver will now Voice Announce J-Outs. This is on by default and can be disabled under Voice Settings. Feature - New Chart mode. You can now view your data chronologically on the chart. Just Tap the Chart and the X-Axis will toggle between Frequency and Date. All the other filters...
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    Android Version [Beta, Pre-Release] Uploaded

    Bug - When using Savvy Hardware and going over 80 mph speed goes negative Enhanced - When using Savvy Hardware if you "smoothly" disconnect (e.g. using the bluetooth button) it will reset the state of Savvy Hardware. If you kill the app Savvy Hardware it won't be reset until Savvy Hardware is...
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    iOS Version [Beta] Siri, 3D, URL Shortcuts and Voice Fix

    Feature - 3D Touch ShortCuts, you can now do a 3D Touch on V1Driver Icon and it will pop a menu for common actions. Currently only Mute, Snooze and Lock are supported. Feature - Browser Shortcuts, two types display pages and commands. V1DriverProtocol:// or /map or...
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    Reinstall Valentine One with V1Driver on a Model 3

    I picked up a new set of wheels, supposed be my wife's car, but oddly enough I've needed to "test it" every day since we got it a couple weeks ago. Any way the Model 3 is a pretty unique vehicle with a super uncluttered dash. But I think I found a really cool spot to mount the Valentine One...
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    iOS Version [Beta] Dropping future updates on iOS 9.x

    Change - Dropping Support for iOS 9.x Users running iOS 9.x will only see the current version in the App Store, but will no longer get future updates. In order to more easily move forward I am dropping iOS 9.x iOS 10.0 will be the lowest version that will continue to get the latest updates...
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    iOS Version [Beta] Uploaded - New Chart

    Feature - New Chart mode. You can now view your data chronologically on the chart. Just Tap the Chart and the X-Axis will toggle between Frequency and Date. All the other filters (Band, Pin Type, Date Range and Map) still apply to either view. Don't forget you and pinch zoom and pan as well...
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    iOS Version [Beta] Uploaded

    Feature - V1Driver will now Voice Announce J-Outs. This is on by default and can be disabled under Voice Settings. Note: It is difficult to reproduce J-Outs at will and therefore difficult to test this. If anyone hears this work I'd appreciate a PM or a Post here. Thanks. I also have a new...
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    Version Released to App Store

    Enhanced - Slight tweak to Audio to improve reliability. Debug - Added several new hooks for easier debugging. Bug - iOS 12 (Beta) bug fixed that prevented app from starting. Bug - Speaker Only was Broken and now also smarter in that it will only get used when needed. Feature - Custom User Voice...
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    Pulled over doing 15MPH

    I was towing cargo when I noticed a patrol vehicle ahead. I took a few turns and it was clear he was following me. Damn what’s he following me for. Oh crap, did I put registration stickers on. I stop and check, ****. He’s coming, no lights though. I know what your stopping me for, no stickers...
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    iOS Version [Beta] Now with Voice in Box and Mute in Box

    Enhancement - Use Speaker is now more intelligent. If you are streaming from your phone and have Use Speaker enabled V1Driver will use your current Audio Route (e.g. Bluetooth Car Speaker, Car Play, Head set). Only if you are not streaming will it use the Speaker. This avoids your Stream being...
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    iOS Version [Beta] Uploaded

    Bug - Speaker Only option was broken. Broken back in version 2.0.43 Bug - The new "V1 Disconnected" Voice message left the Audio Active in the App. Thanks to @HeartDoctor for his help sending logs and pointing this issue out.
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    Android Version [Beta, Pre-Release] Now with User Customizable Voice Alerts.

    Feature - Custom User Voice phrases using new Voice in Box feature for any desired frequency range. See Voice In Box Settings. Change - Due to several Samsung users running Android 8.0 and BTLE struggling to find their way to "Legacy Scan" option it is now automatically detected when applicable...
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    iOS Version [Beta] for handling iOS 12 Beta

    FYI, I just released another Beta to fix V1Driver immediately crashing on launch when running on the new iOS 12 Beta. P.S. iOS 12 Beta is running great so far.