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    new FCC ID R3

    A new FCC ID application has been submitted by Uniden America Corporation for New Equipment. See FCC ID AMWUA1702 Equipment Authorized: RADAR DETECTOR Including the manual
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    Escort Redline $379 Shipped (buydig)

    Escort RedLine Radar Detector $379 shipped with coupon code AFFGT100 at Not sure if there an authorized re-seller but I'm sure other's will chime in. Link
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    MSP 96/wixom rd lidar

    Heads up, I seen a trooper shooting cars heading eastbound on 96 from behind sitting up on top of the wixom rd overpass. I've seen him sitting there before ever since they redid the overpass and he has a sneaky area where he can stop and shoot right out his drivers side window down at cars and...
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    Small Town Cop Throws Tantrum in Response to Knowledgable Citizen

    I would have like to see the first few minutes leading up to this but worth a watch anyways...
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    Veteran Novi Police officer forced out of job for refusing to write enough tickets

    Worse City in my area speed traps everywhere, like sitting right past the 35 to 25 mph sign writing tx all day... Glad to see this guy at least trying to bring it to light...
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    Hello from the Motor City

    Just wanted to say Hi from Detroit, and I can't believe I'm starting another hobby but have always been intrigued by radar detectors. I've only ever ran cheap ones in the past, lower end whistlers and cobras but picked up a RX65 to play with. Thanks for all the great info from everyone on...