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    Actual Laser Save with a Redline EX

    Bunched up traffic on the highway. Trying to get around some trucks, finally get around them, there were cars up ahead in front of me. I am pretty certain I was a bit over the PSL but not crazy when the detector starts giving a Laser alert. I move over to the center lane and then back over to...
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    Redline EX in Canada

    Apologize for the newbie question. I am headed up to Canada next weekend and it will be the first time using my Redline EX on the trip. Since it is supposed to be invisible to RDDs, is there anything special I should know aside from make sure it isn’t easily visible? If it alerts, do I need...
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    Decisions, Decisions...... Looking for advice

    I'm currently pondering upgrading from my 9500ix. The ix has served me well and still works. I would end up giving t to my wife who is presently running a X50. The X50 would then be a spare detector for the other cars in the house. I originally was gong to go with the Max/Max, but then started...