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  1. goodtimes40

    Lucky are those who wait.

    If you guys put the R3 in your car and you check the price everyday on the R3 or R7 either one and you keep checking your car and going back to that item every 2 to 4 hours and one of those times within a couple days the price will drop to like $314 for the R3 and that's when you snag it. it...
  2. goodtimes40

    Does your local pd shoot laser?

    Just curious, is this gun on 8.06 algorithm. I know it sounds like an old gun until you look at the picture and read up they redesigned it and made it new so I'm just checking to make sure do you know if TMG for example is updated against this gun in particular. Thanks bro
  3. goodtimes40

    What the heck is Vitronic Poliscan?

    Sounds like the one of many different falses laser Interceptor would constantly throw out there after It got a couple years old. And the falsing sunlight, even with the most strongest settings. Great jammer at night, and anytime the sun wasn't either hitting jammers in the front or rear so...
  4. goodtimes40

    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    You know what I drive with K Band 70%. 100% everything else. Xband off of course. And with just regular settings k y k filter on and that's it except for the additional BSM filtering They just added and let me tell you that thing is so quiet around town and on the highway that it really just...
  5. goodtimes40

    is beltronics dead officially?

  6. goodtimes40

    What happened to Bell

    It wasn't that long ago when I had my bell 985 with accusweep that was the most awesome radar detector for its time. Then they had to go and ruin it and I trusted bail by getting the 995 vector which did not have accusweep instead have longer times in any case it still wasn't a bad detector but...
  7. goodtimes40

    Does your local pd shoot laser?

    I had no idea there was a new lit 20/20 trucam? This is what my last hit was against the laser interceptor and it seemed to jammit at least I didn't get pulled over and then I bought my TMG. And now I just bought two more so I have a quad now which I can't wait to test it's so awesome so far I...
  8. goodtimes40

    ZR5, Anyone test 2 vs 3 vs 4 head set ups?

    TMG....not even close now their dragon heads out. Just bought 2 more upon release was jtg before. Expect nothing less. Actually last time the dragon got me at 192 feet which is like 30 yards which is like nothing but in any case technically he got me at 192 feet but I jammed him all the way down...
  9. goodtimes40

    TMG Motorcycle Two Head System on Algo 8.06 Testing Results

    Yes! I love TMG. I said the same thing I Jam the dragon all the way down to 192 feet for over 10 seconds before it finally got a logon me at 192 feet which is like I get see the whites in his eyes if you can't slow down by then you deserve it ticket glad to see you did so well brother...
  10. goodtimes40

    CPU Mount Ideas & Materials

    Velcro cpu 3m for mg heads/mount I use 3m up top once I get it level for additional stability as my focus 2013 grille is flat, level. TMG just sent me rears after waiting 2 months in case they got new heads and just like that, I got 2 new heads. Lol I was at 192ft. on 1st run against compact...
  11. goodtimes40

    CPU Mount Ideas & Materials

    I must say. My installer and anyone seen the install cpu, heads both front and rear. And the simplicity of using tmg defender light app and it connects with 1 click and it ask if you want to do update if available. This unit is simply awesome. Another top competitor is great but my installer...
  12. goodtimes40

    TMG blown fuse mystery

    I'm going to go with installer error. No offense. When I used to do it myself other than positioning the heads I used to blow fuses all the time so don't feel bad. Once I had my installer do it I haven't had a fuse problems. If you still have issues obviously one of your heads is bad so you want...
  13. goodtimes40

    Anyone willing to install jammers??

    I'll help in about 5 months once it cools a lil. Haha
  14. goodtimes40

    R3 possibly DEAD

    I don't know I got mine off Amazon and I got the 3-year free replacement for like an extra twenty bucks so I I'm glad I got that I guess it just in case
  15. goodtimes40

    Anyone have stalker RLR, XLR, lr,

    Just got my rear TMG and I need to know if 8.06 is working operational and I am running into stalker rlr and XLR units all over the place where I live is there anyone that can test me. I think we're meeting on the 31st but if there's anyone that can do it within the next two weeks with that...
  16. goodtimes40

    Rear laser FHP?

    Yeah so it's definitely confirmed Vero Beach on there Northbound 95 entrance there's a cop that she needs laser at traffic going by you won't even see him until it's your passing him. And I counted three Chase cars ahead and he was just sitting there using laser so obviously I went and got some...
  17. goodtimes40

    2018 Laser Interceptor Generation X Pricing Released

    Black black bla.... I bought the original heads and then when they came out with the new heads I bought these new 9.0 heads and they didn't Jam Anything VPR gun related any better. If you need to jam Pro Laser 3 or ultra-light or truspeed maybe even in hell all the easy guns stalker lz1 then yes...
  18. goodtimes40

    Algo 8.06 is on the Server

    Thank God! I just installed my rears and got hit by fhp using stalker rlr. Laser. I think he was aiming it at the car directly in front of me and I got to scatter it didn't seem like a direct hit it was over with and it just didn't feel like a direct hit in any case I'm glad to know the bug...
  19. goodtimes40

    TMG Quad

    Just Installed a dual June 3 2019 Today, my installer did my new TMG rear heads. Here's rear pics and I'm lucky as both grille in front of my car is level, and the rear spoiler is completely level so backs done. Tested with a tester. All 4 heads firing. Front 2 heads were tested 2 months ago...
  20. goodtimes40

    Does your local pd shoot laser?

    The FHP I saw today using the stalker rlr was the first time I have not seen FHP using laser Atlanta in this neck of the woods even though technically it was North Palm Beach. Maybe they're going to start getting upgrades this way to