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  1. dchemist

    Trip Report

    So I ran to Dallas this weekend with my oldest daughter for a two day volleyball tournament. Most of the trip was uneventful with your typical I/O and some C/O but absolutely no laser. We were on our way home this evening when I caught this beauty near Gurdon, AR. To set the stage, the highway...
  2. dchemist

    When you might need a CM Intervention

    I get this a lot but this one at the car dealership made me chuckle.
  3. dchemist

    TMG XLR and XS question

    Does TMG report the XS as XLR?
  4. dchemist

    TMG Quad (Dual Front and Rear) testing with Stalker XLR

    Thanks to some awesome forum members I had a chance to get my TMG install tested yesterday. @RaggedEdge edge was nice enough to loan me his freshly updated Stalker XLR and @hiddencam came out to give me a hand with the shooting and set up some very challenging scenarios. I suggested a rural...
  5. dchemist

    CloudFare/Rocket Chat down?

    This isn't really a bug report as I don't believe the problem is on RDF's end. I got a DNS error for Rocket Chat. Is the CloudFare server down or is there something wrong on my end?
  6. dchemist

    The Greatest Thing I Saw On YouTube Today

    I'm still laughing and found this totally relevant!
  7. dchemist

    Bragging on JBV1

    I meant to write this post before today but unfortunately just remembered. As many of you are aware by now, I had the opportunity to do some K band testing with @hiddencam this past weekend. As part of our pre-planning, I agreed to take on the task of programming all the V1s. What a dream this...
  8. dchemist

    Words of encouragement

    I just finished up seven and a half hours of K band testing with @hiddencam . We all have looked at the spreadsheets, color charts, and YouTube videos and have come back with questions. Sometime these questions are what if, why didn't you, or even worse. This was my first real testing event and...
  9. dchemist

    It's not about revenue
  10. dchemist

    Lightning Strike

    I caught what I thought was a cool lightning strike on the way to work this morning:
  11. dchemist

    JBV1 w/ multiple V1s

    I'm pretty sure I know this answer but I want to double check before I get this set up. I'm going to have the opportunity to get in on some testing with @hiddencam this weekend and for time management purposes I was going to build out the different testing profiles in JBV1 to make changing...
  12. dchemist

    Light diffusers and Lidar

    So I'm sitting here staring out the window and my watch is reflecting sunlight onto the ceiling. When I moved, the reflection moved over the light diffuser that covers the florescent bulbs. My mental light bulb turned on and immediately wondered if anyone has ever looked at passive light...
  13. dchemist

    VASCAR Marks

    @johnboy00 I've slipped over the last year and haven't been updating the database. Would you be interested in Arkansas is I get it caught up?
  14. dchemist

    Shooting at Mosque in Christchurch, NZ

    This just happened. @dudeinnz is in lockdown mode. 1552614739 He's over in Rocket Chat if anyone wants to drop him a word of encouragement.
  15. dchemist

    Audio handling discussion

    This is a two part question: one should be easy and straight forward the second might not even be possible. 1) As I've been playing with the TMG and JBV1 I've realized I want to pump all audio to my car stereo for maximum awareness. My current situation is that all audio comes over the phone...
  16. dchemist

    The Excitement Begins

    I just signed for my package from USPS. Everything looks great and came well packaged. I opted for a quad set-up (two front and two rear) to get started with. My car is pretty wide so I may have to get another head or two to get the coverage I need. Doing business with @Jag42 was an absolute...
  17. dchemist

    No idea where he is

    Coming home tonight I got hit hard with K band. I was only about 10 over the PSL so I'm not sure if I got a pass or slowed down in time. In the video you will see a LEO pass me in a Explorer (no headlights) but according to JBV1 the signal stayed in front of me the entire duration, even after he...
  18. dchemist

    TMG Quad head placement (2015 Camaro)

    As the title suggests, I'm going to be installing a TMG Quad system in my 2105 Camaro. I will be starting with two up front and two in the rear. I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to start with but figured it couldn't hurt to get other opinions. So as not to bias the opinions of others...
  19. dchemist

    Best save yet from my V1

    Let me set the stage. I travel this road twice a day going to and from work. The PSL is 35 MPH and I simply let my guard down. It's a bit difficult to tell from the video, but on the initial alert the LEO was 90° off axis at a stop sign on a side street. I suspect I got very luck and caught a...
  20. dchemist

    Radenso barrel connector size.

    Can someone tell me the barrel connector size for a Pro M? I'm wanting to make a RJ11 adapter but need to order the barrel connector as I don't want to destroy the power cord.