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  1. HeartDoctor

    'Holy Spirit' saves German driver from speeding fine

    Click here for news story: 'Holy Spirit' saves German driver from speeding fine
  2. HeartDoctor

    Uniden DFR9 for $199.99 till May 1st at with free shipping (members only)

    Email ad from Costco announced that the Uniden DFR9 is $199.99 with free shipping till May 1 for members only.
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    The Twelve Days of Christmas (Funny)

  4. HeartDoctor

    Uniden R3 on sale for $299?

    Today's email from Fry's revealed what appears to be an R3 for $299! Unfortunately, it also appears to be in store only. Promo code is: 3370907.
  5. HeartDoctor

    R1 on sale for $249.99

    Fry's Electronics sale email lists the R1 for $249.99 with free shipping. Promo Code "rick.goncher@ya"
  6. HeartDoctor

    Pet Peeve - Headlights and Bumpers

    I brought up this subject in another discussion. For years, NHTSA has standardized the position of automotibe bumpers to minimize damage in motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, trucks (which includes many people's daily drives) are exempt which means that I am at excessive risk in an accident...
  7. HeartDoctor

    Community Based Survey of Police Frequencies in Use

    The latest iteration of V1D makes it trivial to collect statistics on the frequencies encountered. It might be interesting to accumulate this data from the community to develop a picture of what frequencies we are encountering. Eventually, we might have sufficient data to produce a frequency...
  8. HeartDoctor

    Trade War with Canada

    I think we all can agree that if we have a trade war, a tariff of at least 258% should apply to VG2 and all other RDD’s.
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    Bluetooth lost, app closed

    My iPhone was in a cradle and powered continuously on a 9 hr. road trip. The V1 is hard wired to a hardware adapter with the Bluetooth dongle plugged into that. The setup has been the same for about 2 years. On 3 occasions I noticed the display was dark and when I signed back into the phone the...