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  1. wrxsti15

    Weird issue

    So my system usually fires up hifi first then BT takes over and everything works fine. Now first I get green light then 4 or 5 times red light flashes only led / not control pad led usually they blink together if hifi (BT disconnect on the phone - as trying to use hifi to update net radar to...
  2. wrxsti15

    New ALP Firmware Update FW: 5.5.6/8.5 released 2019-07-18

    Update is out. Just loaded over BT on the way to work. :)
  3. wrxsti15

    OnePlus 6T McLaren

    New Oneplus 6T McLaren edition is out. I order this beast... I guess car guy need to own this phone... lol I have referral code for $30 CAD probably that is $20 USD, or $25... If someone is planning to get OP, they have 6 on sale right now. Referral Program - OnePlus Vouchers
  4. wrxsti15

    ALP Update FW 5.5.1/8.1

    FW 5.5.1/8.1 (2018-11-27) update is out.
  5. wrxsti15

    NET Radar DSP - MRCD save

    So unfortunately my BlackVue did not record last two weeks. Need to trash it in garbage and get something new... so many problems with BlackVue ... But just to get idea what we are dealing with here - no way to get save by eye here... you are coming to it facing back, it looks like electrical...
  6. wrxsti15

    Net Radar DSP - Firmware 109.201 is out

    Just got update this morning through ALP Connect.
  7. wrxsti15

    GPS app

    Google is not being my friend right now, so may I ask here if someone would know. Is there app that you could mark GPS locations (enter manually, or press when at location)... lets say mark 20 locations around city... Then next time you can set GPS to go all 20 locations using shortest route...
  8. wrxsti15

    How To Get Out of a Speeding Ticket - Funny Video

    Not sure if it was posted before I just laugh my pants off ... :D
  9. wrxsti15

    Laser Safety Eyewear

    I will be doing some close testing with Lidar, and parking sensors... So want to get something that works, but still doesn't cost too much. I saw some cost only 5 bucks, but I don't trust that products work good enough I contacted sales guy where my company is buying all safety equipment. They...
  10. wrxsti15

    Canadians - where are you from?

    I'm just wondering which province have most of the users here. We all know what is the worst city regarding Radar and Lidar, so I'm assuming Alberta will have the most of us. Sorry I could not add all - as it only offers max of 10 answers... Missing territories and Prince Edward Island.
  11. wrxsti15

    Cryptocurrencies, BTC, Mining, etc

    I think we should have cryptocurrencies group for people that are trading, mining, investing... @BaileyAB
  12. wrxsti15

    List of the cars that false our detectors

    I will be updating first post as per your findings. Please make sure that you get false for the same car couple times before posting (couple meaning in few different occasions, not exact same car in period 15 min driving behind him) Brand and model of detector - Vehicle Make/Model/Year -...
  13. wrxsti15

    Looking for companies that manufacture car roll cages

    Do you guys know of any companies that manufacture roll cages kits? I found these guys, but it suck that you cannot organize your own shipping to pickup. The only work with one shipping company, and do not allow pickup with others.
  14. wrxsti15

    Example how to hide your scanner

    So I have Radio Shack - I believe it is model PRO-164 :D (Thanks @Dukes) I place it inside the arm rest and set for channel I listen. With this set up, every-time you start car ... it will turn on scanner automatically (only if your cigarette lighter plug turn off when car shut, some cars have...
  15. wrxsti15

    HIFI FW update 5.5 -> March 20th, 2017

    I see no one posted yet. But there are hi-fi new update files released on March 20th, 2017. New version 5.5
  16. wrxsti15

    Cold weather vs NET Radar

    So lately I start experiencing weird things with GPS antenna and MRCD antenna... I have front radar antenna in front grill, and MRCD as well Rear antenna and GPS are placed inside the car. Regular radar antennas do not have any issues so far... And parking sensors work perfect... even on...
  17. wrxsti15

    BT and runing 3 rear - 2 front (Reverse sound)

    I was bored tonight so I played a little bit with this, and I make it work. Now sound is reversed for my setup... I will play some other day to change it on screen as well... And do some other improvements... Note You need rooted - Android phone If you need this for your setup, send me msg...
  18. wrxsti15

    BlackVue Over the Cloud

    I just saw this other day. I'm sure plenty of people saw this long time ago, but I know there is some that did not see it yet... :D EDIT: Vortex can have live testings now... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  19. wrxsti15

    ALP Connect TeachSuppress and MRCD two enemies

    Tech Suppress is great for areas where there is no MRCD. MRCD should be treated like KA band signals and should not be muted by Tech Suppress... So if you have MRCD in your area, do not use Tech Suppress until they move it from Tech Suppress.
  20. wrxsti15

    Europe - Countries that you can run RD legally ?

    I try to find list of countries in Europe where you can use RD legally? Same for jammers Does anyone know?