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  1. Kennyc56

    The Whistler CR97.. Would you recommend to others? Based on your experience?

    All you said was it had issues, you crazy inbred b****!:buddy:
  2. Kennyc56

    The Whistler CR97.. Would you recommend to others? Based on your experience?

    Me too! I love my CR95 and 97. They have great range on Ka band, and are as fast against Q/T and I/O as anything I've ever seen! Off axis kills them however. but no more than it kills my V1. The killer is the way it takes a K band BSM and turns it into a false Ka band alert! I still run mine...
  3. Kennyc56

    Is this typical R3 performance? (Video inside)

    I'm used to getting point blank I/O shots as close as 200 feet! I live in I/O hell N.C.! Even though this wasn't I/O I'm a firm believer in trimming all the fat and only scanning the bare minimum of segments possible. I ran only seg 8 for a long time because all I had to deal with was 35.5 and...
  4. Kennyc56

    Transition Successful!

    Thank all you guys for caring enough about this forum to make all of this happen!
  5. Kennyc56

    IF R3 dies what should I get?

    I'd try to fix it myself, or send it back to Uniden, like @Deacon said.
  6. Kennyc56

    So what city, state or other do you refuse to speed? And why?

    Since I have R1's in the front windshields of every car I own, I speed pretty much everywhere I drive! But I'm the most careful in NC and Va!
  7. Kennyc56

    V1 WILL be updated

    The best part is, all we'll have to wait to find out about this is JUST 2 MORE WEEKS!
  8. Kennyc56

    Downtime Server Maintenance 08/22/2019 - 8AM Eastern

    Although I was becoming fond of RDT, it's good to be home! I'll miss RDT however!
  9. Kennyc56

    Been out of the scene for a while, need recommendation on a new detector

    I agree! I'd keep running the STIR since it's a killer on Ka band, I'd find a R1, or R3 in our classifieds, I've gotten 2 R1's from there that are just like brand new! I'd update it to 1.50 turn on K block, TFS and K filter, seg it to 2-5-8, and let them eat! This would be one hell of a tag...
  10. Kennyc56

    What you shoud know - OCPD

    I say give him 2 bags!
  11. Kennyc56

    Bad OLED screen on Uniden R1

    I own 4 R1's. 3 of them are so bright they will hurt your eyes when they light up during an alert! 3 of them I got used from the forum. One of them was built before they fixed the screen issues early on. All of the colors except for red suck! It's not screen burn in, the colors are washed...
  12. Kennyc56

    Nitrogen in Tyres (Tires)

    I work at a tire store as an alignment tech, have for 30+ years. This is a running joke for us! Like a couple of you guys said, "regular" air is already 78% nitrogen so damn the difference! That being said a lot of people insist on it! I have access to it and can get all of it I want for free...
  13. Kennyc56

    R7 vs. Original Redline?

    I own 4 R1's and 2 Redline-O's. I love them all and use them every day depending on which car we drive. My drive to work car, a 99 Mustang has a "ghetto arrows"setup as does my Boss 302 with the R1 in the front and Redline-O in the back. Jane has my other R1 in her Mustang. What we've found so...
  14. Kennyc56

    R7 vs. Original Redline?

    It still has a lot of @ss left to kick! It's on a perm Ebay mount and hardwired in the back of my Boss 302 on ghetto arrows duty! I run it segged to 2-5-8 with RDR and everything else off! It's a monster back there and doesn't make a peep till some Ka band pops up from behind! It makes the...
  15. Kennyc56

    How to glue suction cups

    I'll have to try that next time! I've been using a thin plastic spatula we got from home depot that works, but always seems to bend the bracket.
  16. Kennyc56

    R7 vs. Original Redline?

    Yes I have! And most of you won't like the answer or believe it! @VariableWave and I set up a fairly tough course at my work place and ran my R1's, his R3's our V1's Whistlers, and his new R7. Both of our Redlines won! We then tested my "Ghetto Arrows " set up with my R1 up front and my...
  17. Kennyc56

    How to glue suction cups

    That's one reason I love my R1's so much. An R7 is just too damn big to fit above the rear view mirror of all 3 of our Mustangs. I still have full use of all of my sun visors. They are also behind tint strips as well.
  18. Kennyc56

    How to glue suction cups

    Funny how we all like different things! I want a mount that I can get as high and tight against my headliner as I can get it that I never have to mess with again with no movement or bounce. To each his own!
  19. Kennyc56

    Made stock DFR9 mount into permanent mount.

    That Gorilla tape is the bomb! I've use it many times on perm. mounts that I had to move to another car.
  20. Kennyc56

    87 GN still looks like glass!

    I don't care what anybody says, nothing looks better than a slick black paint job! And my Boss 302 is Race Red!