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    DFR7 - NZ vs USA Firmware Differences?

    I'm very sorry about the trouble that you guys are having. I can assure you that I have been closely monitoring the posts and concerns that you guys have made regarding this issue. I'm sending the information on over to my developmental department for further review, but that does take some...
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    Uniden DFR7 OLED screen burned out after only 4 months.

    I understand where the frustration is coming from. Regardless of whether its legality or our companies policy of PCI compliance, we cannot take cards for unauthorized purposes. Yes, it is unfortunate but just following procedures.
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    Wow---R1 picks up Laser in NJ

    Our detectors definitely pick up Laser, but the limitations of trying to pick up a laser makes it so that you miss a lot of them. In this situation, you had enough distance that the beam was wide enough that the chances of you picking that up expanded.
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    Uniden US GPS updates. New resource for forum members...

    I do not recommend using the DB updates from the R1/R3 for the R7 unit.
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    DFR9 GPS issue

    Everyone here is correct. I would suggest sending the unit in for inspection. Posted in this link below are instructions on how to send the unit in for service, but if you have more questions- do not hesitate to reach out to Customer Service or DM here. Customer Service number is...
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    Uniden DFR7 OLED screen burned out after only 4 months.

    Hey guys, Charles here as I work with Jenna on things. I wanted to handle this one myself. We completely understand people's frustration with the process sometimes. As many have pointed out, there are processes we need to follow, and many things require authorization. When it comes to...
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    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    As we have said- We have been testing this, but just takes time! We are aware that the K block is less than ideal, but we are working on a better solution. This is just temporary. As for people saying that they are getting hits with Antivirus- I have sent this information to my corporate team...
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    I apologize about all of the frustration this has caused. We have been relatively vocal about the Auto Lockouts. While its true that we haven't said much about when we're expecting them- it is just something that we do not provide. We keep release dates close to heart because there is a lot...
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    R7 vs. Calgary Photo radar

    I would suggest the K Band Wide ON and TSF off. This will widen the frequency scan which may account for not picking it up.
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    R7 gps speed

    A few MPH off is perfectly normal. This all depends on environmental factors.
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    Would Ka POP On mode reduce R1/R3 performance if only one Ka segment is active?

    We appreciate this information, and have passed it along to our Corporate office!
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    R3 2.6 mile X band detection

    Thank you for the positive review! Glad to hear your unit is working well.
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    A Goodbye

    Hello Everyone, This is Charles. I am announcing my departure from Uniden. I have been here as a social media agent for about 10 months now, and have had a great time here interacting with you all. I have learned a lot and feel that I have helped a lot of people as well. As a representative of...
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    DFR9 question

    The DFR9 mounts are the same as the R1/R3. The mount for the R7 is different and you should not use the other mounts on it, or it's mount on other products.
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    Will turning laser off on my R3 make it even faster?

    What the factory reset does is clear out all of the artifacts for the older firmware. I would certainly reset it. Maybe it will make a difference, maybe it won't, but at least you know everything is right if you start having problems. I would take notes of your settings before the reset so that...
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    R7 with Radar Absorbing Rubber Testing

    It is a very popularly requested feature, and I have sent the request to our development team a number of times.
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    R7 - K Band 25.200 ghz

    There is no harm in trying a firmware update, but I suspect it will not help.
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    R7 - K Band 25.200 ghz

    Yeah, I would say this would need to go in for repair. There is nothing that can cause this within normal functioning of the unit. Here's the info on how to send it in: Uniden - Online Repair Form
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    How much can tint effect the signal?

    Metallic tint can certainly affect range, and I Imagine confuse arrows as the directions the horns are facing are going to have the most interference. Remember, the arrows work by tracking the strength of signal to the front and rear horn.
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    R7 sleeping/dead - heat related?

    Yeah, I caught that before and requested to get it changed in the manual, and then forgot about it when I transferred it here.