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  1. FoxStang

    Ka Band from WSDOT?

    I messed up and didn’t save the correct video file, but I was driving on SR-104 just East of the Olympic National Forest, and started picking up Ka 33.8 on my R7. I expected to see a WSP trooper, but instead found a small WSDOT-marked Ford Transit parked off a service road to be the source. He...
  2. FoxStang

    Radar R7 vs Handheld I/O 34.7

    Vancouver PD is out for my blood. Saw one of their unmarked Explorers on the highway right before this, then I’m treated to handheld I/O, which is a first for me in the wild. Kudos to whoever serviced that gun though, the tuning is :waycool: EDIT: Fixed and reuploaded video, didn’t realize I...
  3. FoxStang

    Answered Moderator toolbar appearing for non-moderator

    Logging in today, I noticed that I suddenly have a moderator toolbar and am receiving notification for reported posts. I don’t recall being promoted to moderator status, so I can only assume this is either a mistake or a bug. Thanks!
  4. FoxStang

    Other Motorcycle wiped out right in front of me

    Tried to cut across the gore point to take an exit, ended up on the ground. He was in a hurry to leave, but seemed OK other than a nasty scrape on his right arm.
  5. FoxStang

    Radar Couple of rental car saves

    So in case you missed it, about a month ago my Mustang got rear-ended and has been at a body shop. In the meantime, I have been driving a 2019 Ram 1500. I took my Uniden R7, SDS100 scanner, and my old backup Blackvue DR650 dashcam as my only CMs in this thing. Here’s a couple of decent saves...
  6. FoxStang

    Other Got rear-ended on the highway

    I was waiting to post this until everything with the insurance company was wrapped up. I didn't even have to send the video in, the statements and damage alone were enough for them to accept 100% fault on the other guy's policy. About $11,000 in damage to my car, and I'll probably have to...
  7. FoxStang

    Watch for increased enforcement in the Tigard area

    Rear overpass lidar. Watch your 6
  8. FoxStang

    Radar A little Thanksgiving I/O

    Heading back from spending the holiday with the family and I got a helping of bacon to go with my turkey
  9. FoxStang

    Radar R3 vs Port Police ghost car 34.7

    This was heading up to PDX airport, PSL 45. The Port of Portland has has their own police department that also serves the airport, but I thought the road leading to the airport terminal was still City of Portland jurisdiction. Guess I was wrong. I also didn't know they had ghost cruisers or...
  10. FoxStang

    Lidar Couple of troopers with 33.8 and a PL3

    More of a situational awareness save here, I started slowing down because I saw brake lights in all lanes ahead and noticed a police pin on Waze for the opposite direction. At least he's shooting properly with the window open and not off a mirror unlike the last lidar trooper I saw on this...
  11. FoxStang

    Other Impatient idiot guns it straight into a speed camera

    Sorry, this is really hard to see since I was driving straight into the sun. Look on the front passenger side of my hood at :17 and you can see the reflection of the flash from the camera tree. I've posted plenty of people getting nailed by this same camera, I'm always amazed at how many...
  12. FoxStang

    Beaverton Police switching RLC vendors Beaverton Police Department Looks like they used to be Redflex, now a company called Conduent. This is the same vendor that operates Portland’s speed cameras, according to data provided by the City of Portland website
  13. FoxStang

    Unmarked Subaru cop car spotted in OR

    The nearest indoor shooting range to my house also happens to be run by the county sheriff, I noticed this bad boy sitting out front on my way to make expensive noise. No radar unit was immediately visible, but you never know. Could be used exclusively for handheld or lidar? I didn’t give it...
  14. FoxStang

    Location via Repeater Input

    Piggybacking off this thread by @RadarSammich and what I posted there: The idea here is to try to emulate the function of the Target BluEye system by programming a scanner to monitor the radio input frequencies of a given agency, and sound an...
  15. FoxStang

    Blackvue DR900 owners - Noticing a rattling noise? Here's the fix!

    I finally upgraded to the DR900S-2CH this week, a major improvement over my old DR650GW. However, I immediately noticed a very distracting rattling noise coming from the camera, and sure enough upon reviewing footage the sound is overbearing. Example: DISCLAIMER: Perform this fix at your...
  16. FoxStang

    New Ram Pod mount for my scanner

    The persistent 90-100 degree heatwave we have been having was continually melting the tape holding up my scanner, no matter how strong of tape I used. I finally got fed up with reattaching it, and got this off of Amazon!
  17. FoxStang

    Radar Thought I got I/O'd after passing an idiot

    This moron in the motorhome turned fully into the outside lane, then immediately starts cutting over into the left which forces me into the center. Then, far ahead, a sheriff turns on his K band radar at just the right time to make me think I was getting popped with I/O.
  18. FoxStang

    Radar Rabbit turned and burned in record time

    Coming into this small town, I noticed a white Mercedes merging in front of me from an adjacent highway that looked to be going a pretty good speed. I was going to need a new rabbit once I got out of town again, so I ride his butt a little in the curve to see if he’d take the bait, which he...
  19. FoxStang

    Local Facebook Marketplace - nice Stalker LZ1 $200

    Anyone need an LZ1? From the pictures it looks like it’s in incredible shape. I don’t think this dude knows what he has. Seller info below if you’d like to contact him directly, or if you’d like I can be your middleman to inspect and verify functionality before shipping. Buy and Sell items...