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    IF R3 dies what should I get?

    Get is fixed for $90 and then wait for something new from radenso
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    V1 WILL be updated

    The same can be said with the V1 and it’s great filtering for mrcd detection. The women on phone said. Yes the V1 was built to pick up all detection and can alert to mrcd. So when dialing the V1 in to detect mrcd waves. There is 0 filtering on anything. So I beg to differ. the rate of...
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    made a visit to hq

    What would u consider a bang though? Say mike “new” V1 had more range, a numeric display but still no gps functionality As a stand-alone detector is that is really a “bang” The V1 was a game changer for detectors. The only thing i can mike doing that would be a “bang” would creating a...
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    made a visit to hq

    The thing with mike is this. How many ppl in the industry really have more knowledge and experience than mike? I’m sure if mike sat down and gave technical points on why he does the things he does. I think pretty much all of us at the end would be shaking our heads in agreement regardless of...
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    made a visit to hq

    Since when has Mike ever cared what ppl think
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    made a visit to hq

    What have or what would the release of the R7 do that all the other detectors released in the last 15 years failed to do when it comes to “lighting a fire” under mike? Im sure in 20+ years of the V1 existence. Mike has hired new ppl The V1 has always been mikes “flagship” because that’s...
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    made a visit to hq

    History has shown the opposite. Sure hardware and fw changes have been made. exterior wise. It’s been the same old same old. Ppl ask for proof that the V1 isn’t going to change. But I’d ask the opposite. What proof if there that anything will change ? Not changing is what mikes business plan...
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    How's your summer weather.

    K depends where in Canada. I can see in eastern coast. They get a lot of snow.(wet) I made friend that lived in Boston makes a joke that when a person. They leave the snowblower behind Here in Alberta. Our snow is really fluffy. Not really wet unless it’s early or late in the season I have a...
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    New Laser unit in Airdrie

    It could be dragoneye. But at the same time. Like others said the r3 actually uniden sucks for laser I had lrd950. It wouldn’t surprise me that the r3 and r7 uses the same parts. In 2 years. I went by dozens of laser traps. It alerted only once and I got nailed. I can say the killzone was...
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    made a visit to hq

    Easy royalty Cheque if someone wants to use his patented designs.
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    Koalas are dumb

    It’s not survival of the smartest. It’s survival of the fittest. It’s a testament to them that they have been around so long
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    How's your summer weather.

    I want to go to Alaska on 2 wheels. Bring small tent and gear. Jerry cans and lots of food. But I’m scared of bad weather.
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    How's your summer weather.
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    Nitrogen in Tyres (Tires)

    Back in day here in Canada. Air used to be free at gas stations. I think because most gas stations had a 1-2 bay mechanic station attached so it didn’t take much to give free air. And the gas stations that didn’t have a mechanic bay. Had a compressor to followsuit. But over time as new gas...
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    Nitrogen in Tyres (Tires)

    I use strictly air I can say living in a snow climate. Where it’s not uncommon to see -20C temps. Generally it’s about 5psi difference. But when there are days that start out at -28C and by 2pm it’s +10C. I can see 8-10psi difference there I will say this about nitrogen. My friend bought a...
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    Would tilting a license plate make it harder for a laser gun ?

    I can tell u right now They don’t need to headlights or license plates to get a laser reading. It makes things easier but not needed We don’t have front plates here. And for the longest time sports cars had pop up lights. I can tell u I got nailed 20 years ago In my “sports car” with pop up...
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    Uniden R7 Vs 1995 Radio Shack detector against Kustom Eagle 35.5 Urban setting.With video

    Shoot laser at it!!!! See if it’s detects laser better than the R7. My money is on the shack !!!
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    How's your summer weather.

    From a personal stand point. I would have loved the heat wave of Europe. I love 30+ C weather. Honestly though even though we had extremely went July. I have been on 2 wheels pretty much for the last 3.5 months.
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    How's your summer weather.

    No surprise there. Look at the size of your guys trees. Way back I got sent up Dawson creek for work. It was still August had rain for a week and then the temperature really dropped and the rain turned into snow.
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    Edmonton won't remove photo radar despite new provincial guidelines

    Crap my bad!!!! I was thinking he was vancity for some strange reason. Wtf !!