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    Transition Successful!

    Thanks to everyone making this transition happen. I’m sure it was not easy and we all know this is a hobby. It will be nice to get back to business without feeling like the ship is sinking.
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    Welcome Andy. You're off to a great start with your system. Let us know how it works out for you.
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    IF R3 dies what should I get?

    Get it fixed. It's still such a great RD. Of course there is little logic to being an enthusiast so whatever makes you happy otherwise is not worth the cost.
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    Cop must have had to be somewhere! 13+ PSL drove right past him without noticing him

    Time to change those pants! Very lucky and happens to the best of us. Some hiding spots are too good and smart LEOs can work that I/O very well. Glad it worked out.
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    Ontario Winter/ Summer Weather Durability

    That's frustrating.
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    Parking question: back in or nose in

    Nose in most of the time. I don't find it difficult to back out and see the point of making it take longer. I'm already out of my car while I watch people negotiate reversing in.
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    Ontario Winter/ Summer Weather Durability

    When the heads fail what are you seeing happening? I wonder if it's something that can be additionally sealed or reinforced by the user.
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    Laser head visibility in non-legal state/province

    While I don’t have a personal history with @quandary, he has been around a bit discussing his current stinger system that’s been causing him hardware problems.
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    Setting up Ka segmentation on the R7

    Thanks for that! So looking at this data specific to the R1 and R3 you would save .092 seconds in scan time segmenting 2,4,5,6,8. Not really impressive to me. However I do not think this necessarily translates to the R7. The R7 has a different and faster processor setup. It's even...
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    What the heck is Vitronic Poliscan?

    Sounds like it's definitely a false but great to know that it seems to be able to detect it. I deal with the Poliscan in MD all the time. Poliscan is real tough to jam between the angle it's aimed and the short distance. Fortunately in MD they are pretty easy to spot and only used in...
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    Setting up Ka segmentation on the R7

    Maybe I’m confusing this but I was pretty sure this was not the case with the R7. It’s true for older RDs that process slower but on the R7 were talking about saving a millisecond or so which has a negligible effect on range. But again, maybe I missed the testing results that proved this 30%...
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    Setting up Ka segmentation on the R7

    Well to be safe don’t segment. Unless you’re trying to reduce false alerts in a specific segment that’s not needed in your area, I personally don’t think there is much value on the R7. It’s a fast enough RD that you’re not really improving much.
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    Welcome! Lots of members from NZ here and great local info. Sounds like you’re due for an upgrade too. You’ve some great choices. Have fun researching.
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    Max 360C Ka false from rear

    Well this sounds irritating. Is there a way for you to reload the FW and do a factory reset?
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    Been out of the scene for a while, need recommendation on a new detector

    Sound advice! Personally I think you will appreciate the Radenso Pro M the most from what you describe.
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    low cost DIY laser shifter

    Good warning. It should have been said earlier.
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    What you shoud know - OCPD

    There just seems something weird about the OP post and his other post. Feels more like trolling.
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    Why would this guy go to court?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he has no choice but to go to court given the record.
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    Now with heat maps!

    Big data can be cool! Using it to our advantage is the best way of enhancing the typical rat race of radar vs RD technology. LE is using it everyday. I think this is where the most potential progress is for CMs. This is what I love about all the RD companion apps. How they pull various sources...
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    Ticket prompts purchase of Uniden R7

    Happens to the best of us.