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  1. ron topa

    Been out of the scene for a while, need recommendation on a new detector

    IMHO first decide your tolerances for noise. If quiet is foremost then either the ProM or 360C. If avg noise then the R3. I own both and they each serve my purposes just fine when set up to play nicely together though you'll get advice against using two at the same time. I've had no issues to...
  2. ron topa

    Max 360C Ka false from rear

    I posted the same concerns about the false laser alerts earlier this month. I called and spoke with Escort CS. I sent mine in for repair and got it back in amazing time. They replaced a resister on the main circuit board and it fixed my issues completely. Now mine works like it should and I love...
  3. ron topa

    Escort 360C Laser Falses Fixed by CS

    So a week ago I sent my 360c overnighted to their factory service center. It was there for 2 days and shipped back to me -it took 2 days-so fantastic repair time and I got a new coiled 12 cig unit and a windshield magnetic mount free! The unit was in warranty. The repair ticket said it replaced...
  4. ron topa

    Help Max360

    If the top of the 360 is up near the headliner and it can not visually see the sky then the GPS function will be sketchy, I was told by ES. The center of the detector must see the sky to work like it should I was told
  5. ron topa

    "Updated" Escort Live app coming ~~Feb 1st~~ eventually

    I use an iPad 4 mini and it (audio out) works beautifully.
  6. ron topa

    escort max 360 wont update

    Yes as mentioned- You MUST use a DATA cable. They are not all the same just because they fit. This is a must for it to update!
  7. ron topa

    New Member

    transporter summed it up well- welcome
  8. ron topa

    Hello From Tampa Florida

    Welcome -I currently live in Ga, however Crestview, Destin panhandle area is my home. I own a 360c and ZR5s. 4 up front to mute the dreaded DE- I've been tested JTG on 3 diff DE guns-Yes!!! Good luck
  9. ron topa

    Escort 360c latest Version question

    wel I have my doubts too. But its under warranty so I'm sending it in-Ill report my results when it returns and ive tested it.
  10. ron topa

    New Speed Cameras in Duluth

    Good to know-I live in Duluth.
  11. ron topa

    Escort 360c latest Version question

    I just spoke with Dom at Escort. He confirmed that the latest FW ver of the 360C is version 1.9 1565202225 Thanks Vortex for your quick reply.iiiiiii asked about the laser falses and they said I need to send it in for service as it not a FW issue.
  12. ron topa

    Escort 360c latest Version question

    I'm confused. I cant find the information on the Escort website as to the latest version of the FW being used. My version says its 1.9 I have on occasion seen members say its 1.10 - Maybe Vortex can help us out and clarify which version it actually is pleeeease. Or if any of the veteran members...
  13. ron topa


    welcome to RDF
  14. ron topa

    What's the differences? Passport Max to Max 360/Max 360C

    In my personal experience the updates take Less than 1 minute Not 10 minutes. Only 1 time did it take 10 minutes or less to update on a Large FW update. And you don't have to have an in car wifi source. I pull up in my garage and it does updates (less than 1 minute) and its done.
  15. ron topa

    What's the differences? Passport Max to Max 360/Max 360C

    Yes I believe that the alert speed and distance are the same on the 360 and 360c. The major difference is the Wi-Fi updates. I own both but use the 360c because I hate doing the laptop out to the car updates. Its well worth it to me to own the 360c. Plus it integrates with the ZR5 jammers I own...
  16. ron topa

    24.160 and 24.167 questions

    My 360c is quiet as a mouse= nothing to report on those frequiencies
  17. ron topa


    My Fav unit- Now get the ZR5 to intergrate with it, LOL- listen to us here and you'll be in da poor house b4 long.
  18. ron topa

    First Post - Intro

    welcome aboard
  19. ron topa

    360c PSL issue?

    I have the same issue. They say that its because my RD isn't sitting out where it can get the info from the satellites above. But it used to work fine where its sitting in my car now. I think its something related to the last FW update to 1.9 myself. So I live with it hoping that another FW...
  20. ron topa

    ERF Down?

    Please keep me in mind if you get a reply that's useful. Thanks