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    TMG vs. Prolaser 4

    That one save just paid for itself! The moment it happens, the cost of the system is out of my mind period ! Dude I just went through some scary stuff with police falsely accusing me of things! You don't want none of it trust me on that.
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    So I bought the new Adaptiv Technologies TPX laser jammer

    What kind of laser are you being hit with?
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    Interesting read from Ohio

    That camera in Walton Hills has a12 mph leiancy. Now if you don't pay, it goes to a collection agency( civil matter at all times)
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    Caution a Leo reported every few miles is typically a moving radar trap.
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    Over the past month, waze users have not been reporting police, and hazards. Just me. And when I report it, BOOM I get the message "you just helped 8 plus waze users"! Its seems those people are just being lazy and using the app and I've been sending users AHEAD of me bad messages for not...
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    LI's - Long in the Tooth, but still Relevant?

    Most of the older lidars are thrown in the trash when sent back for recalibration or repairs as parts are no longer being made for them and then replaced with new ones.When I spoke to cliff's assistant she couldn't give me a firm answer on his intentions of the new laser interceptor LIX coming...
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    Yup best radar detectors is the man! Check out the radar detectors on his site. I've been saved many times by countermeasures. Its like a form of insurance.
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    Help with TPX installation

    Those are old men. Couldnt be that hard.
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    Help with TPX installation

    check this video out. Troopers don't have any trouble clocking bikes with the laser ally.
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    ALP updates starts from the beginning of events and re-writes to current software anytime you update. I recommend using a true quality usb stick and lap top or desktop. Over the air updates have never been a big fan of me.
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    Multiple Radar Detectors

    I use to run V1 for laser only and Uniden for K and KA.
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    LI fail

    Ok. The latest software is 8.20. 2013 is the old stuff. Can we see your install on these and the alp ? You can call Clifford Crane at 352-688-0708. He can answer your questions as well. Supposedly he is working on a new laser interceptor LIX as well.
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    Unboxing the Stinger fiber jammers

    Installed properly, stinger is powerful and close to jtg. It can also handle multiple lidars being shot at it at the same time .
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    Hiding ALP CPU

    I buy a ez pass transponder holder on amazon for 10 bucks. Put the sticker on the alp control unit. You will never get a second look if that's your concern.
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    AL Priority install Ohio

    I don't speed or condone speeding and recommend wearing your seatbelts at all times and keep assured clear distance from other vehicles. Nowadays, doing the speed limit causes road rage, shootings and fights. However, police are pulling people over for just 5 plus mph or the lidar takes a pic...
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    New to the forum. Please identify this laser jammer.
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    AL Priority install Ohio

    Most car radio and accessory shops can install alp the way you want. On its own relay circuit with a ground filter.
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    TMG 3 Head test

    The front of that car is a big mirror! Great results!
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    2016 Benz CLS63 AMG w/ 5 Head ALP laser system and Radenso PRO M!

    Does alp work on all the tru speeds with just one head on a bike?
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    Beware - DETC is a BEAST! Small black car, 3 front heads, 80% punch through at all distances

    Center mass front license plate is generally targeted unless your front license plate is non existent.