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  1. Elcid2015

    Twin babies found dead and ‘foaming at the mouth’ in back of Bronx car

    "Twin 1-year-old babies were found dead and foaming at the mouths in the back of a car in The Bronx on Friday — after being left in the hot vehicle for eight hours by their father, who told cops he had forgotten they were there, law-enforcement sources told The Post." Link to New York Post
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    Semi Important Sony 70 in. 4K with HDR - $800

    Does this seem like I good deal? I've been out of the TV market for a while. Sony X830F 70 Inch TV: 70 in Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Television with HDR
  3. Elcid2015

    I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth Vs. Michelle Carter

    This was a really good two part documentary on HBO if anyone is looking for their next watch. It's about the girl who basically convinced her 'boyfriend' to go through with killing himself. It is very thought provoking and put together well.
  4. Elcid2015

    What button do you press to JTK a TMG?

    If you are expecting an LEO for example and want to stop jamming before the 4 sec auto jtk, what button should you press? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but this wasn't clear to me from the manual. Is it this one? It says it would put it in receive only mode, thus stopping the jamming correct?
  5. Elcid2015

    Requested Feature for all Jammer Manufacturers: Built-in Visible Laser for Alignment

    It seems like the alignment of jammer heads would be inifinetly easier if manufacturers installed a small, visible light, laser diode oriented with the direction of the jammer transmitter. You could drive up to a wall to check the alignment of the heads. This would have the major advantage...
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    Suggestion Allow us to post the eating popcorn emoji in the Reports section

    This is just a joke, feel free to delete. But it would be nice to open up the Reports and see 100 eating popcorn emojis :lol::unamusedpopcorn:
  7. Elcid2015

    TMG, R7, and Viofo A129 duo install- 2011 Mustang GT

    Finally got the chance to install 2 heads (of four) on my mustang. Hopefully someone could help me test my setup! I live in SC, so I wanted to keep this install as low profile as possible (sometimes these parking sensors can be mistaken for laser jammers). The outsides of the TMG heads are 30...
  8. Elcid2015

    Ok to wire TMG and dash cam into same fuse tap?

    I already have a fuse tap that I use to power my dash cam. Is there any reason why I shouldn't cut and solder both dash cam and TMG to the same tap? If ok, what size fuse would be sufficient?
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    Cheers to RDF!

    Here's to the greatest forum of all time! :beer: Let's all take this moment to be thankful for our community of shared interest, a community where we can all geek out and appreciate the art and science of detecting radar, jamming lidar, and enjoying the open road! No matter what differences we...
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    What's your favorite app that you've spent money on? (Paid apps)

    I have a $25 itunes electronic gift card that I basically bought by accident, and I need to get rid of it. I have an android device but my wife as an iOS. What would be a good app(s) to buy with this? Are there any app purchases that I could potentially transfer over to my Android device? I know...
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    Semi Important WD - Easystore 10TB External USB HDD $160
  12. Elcid2015

    Just came in!

    Look what just came in! Now if I can just get my car back from the shop to install. The heads are a lot smaller than I thought which is a good thing!
  13. Elcid2015

    Veil can outperform laser jammers...

    Just stumbled upon this from the veil website and I thought some of you may get a kick out off this.
  14. Elcid2015

    2011 Ford Mustang Quad TMG Placement Suggestions Request

    I will be getting my car back from the shop here shortly, and I wanted to go ahead and request help on best placement for a quad TMG. Here is my initial guess (don't have the car atm, so I can't measure the distance between the heads). The rear placement kinda worries me, but I don't see where...
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    Anybody run parking sensors in states where jammers are illegal?

    I live in SC currently where laser jammers are illegal. However, I was thinking about installing some parking sensors. Does anyone have experience running these sensors in places that prohibit laser jammers? Do police tend to give you a hard time or do they typically go unnoticed. I don't want...
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    Regarding the recent Reports drama concerning the 'InfoWars Official' accounts

    Disclaimer: This is not a political discussion. This is not targeted at any individual. Some have recently shown concern over a test account that has a supposedly offensive name ("InfoWars Official"). The justification for this 'offensiveness,' was that it is was created by RDF staff, for...
  18. Elcid2015

    A heads up, if experiencing long Uniden repair times

    My R1 quit detecting all signals randomly so I sent it off for repairs with the appropriate forms and credit card info. After checking the repair status online, they received it on May 15 and a replacement unit was inline to be shipped on May 16. However, the estimated ship date was June 5. I...
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    Questions about plex server storage options?

    Yes, I am a server/computer noob so feel free to point out useful insight that may seem basic. Current Plex Server Setup: Computer- Old Laptop, Dell Precision M4600, i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70 GHz, 4GB RAM HDD- A single WD Red 6TB Hard drive 5400 rpm Enclosure- USB attached 3.5-in SATA HDD enclosure...