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  1. BlueV1

    Accidentally washed off the two stickers covering the lens removal holes.

    How do I get some more? I've covered with 3M Super 88 electrical tape for now.
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    A short Aftermarket TPMS review

    Hi all, One thing that I miss from all of the Dodge Chargers I had been driving the last couple of years was the Tire Pressure Monitoring System display that showed the pressure of each tire. When you drive a hundred plus miles between stops, it can be reassuring to check the display and see...
  3. BlueV1

    Is anyone with a V1 seeing Honda BSM at 24.160?

    Over 1,000+ miles recently I have encountered a number of Honda Pilots (as well as lots of other Honda/Acura vehicles) and have yet to see one at 24.160 +/-. I do get 24.160+ signals from GM along with the companion 24.160+. I get other vehicles and signals around 24.160 I haven't yet seen a...
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    Rare lower K 23.999 detection of a door opener

    Hi all, I happened to notice in my logs a 23.999 signal from a mall that I was driving around a few days ago. Thought it was interesting since we only see typical 24.050 to 24.250 K around this part of the country. :)
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    Bug Report Chrome on Android, address bar goes white obscuring info

    Hey all, I believe I've been seeing this ever since XF2 was rolled out. (Not 100% certain) I wonder if there is a background color issue maybe. Other ideas? The address bar at the top goes white sometimes when viewing RDF. The tab count and 3-dot stuff stays white so you can't see it on a...
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    Some interesting off-axis detections.

    Had the occasion to drive past an LEO that was parked for at least an hour yesterday. (Small town and maybe this is his "spot".)
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    Suggestion Smilie cleanup or reorganization

    Perhaps this is an easy one? The smilies seem to have gotten messy recently. Banners mixed in with smilies and smilies moved to different parts of the grid than they used to be. (subjective I realize) If the banners can be grouped together, and similar smilies grouped together, it might help...
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    TMF2 Off and On video

    Hey all, I had created this screen capture video of JBV1 last week showing how my V1 works in a specific scenario with my car in my driveway. It's 1:16 long, no audio. I sent it to @RoverTtx and I thought a few of you might enjoy it as well. :) Here's the scenario: 2018 Honda Accord parked in...
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    DE alert in Hendersonville, NC

    Got my first DE alert today from behind. Didn't see any source so I don't know if it's real or not. To my knowledge, they don't use these here. Thoughts?
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    All jokes and teasing aside... Tell us what GPS contributes to for an R7 please.

    Hey all, There's been a handful of people that seem to like to tout GPS as a great feature for the R7. (And R3 as well, of course) Since we know that auto-lockouts are planned but don't yet know how they will be implemented, I suggest we all go into the discussion with that understanding. GPS...
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    The official K-Band LEO = BSM frequencies list / poll

    Hey everyone! This is an effort to bring awareness to a growing issue. I (and others) have experienced an uptick in LEO frequencies that broadcast in the same ranges as Blind-Spot-Monitoring from many newer vehicles. Above is a poll with some wider than normal BSM frequency ranges to select...
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    Tell me more about the R7 borrowing of 300MHz from Ka to increase K.

    Hey all, On the R7, I had heard that it was decided that Ka segment 10 was to be repurposed, reused, borrowed, or whatever word is most appropriate to allow K band an extra 100MHz below 24.050. @crabu2 just pointed out in this thread that it appears to be half of segment 9 as well. Why is so...
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    There's no need for the "holy wars" mentality. Is there?

    Hey all, I'm nobody special here. I'm not officially representing anything or anyone. I'm a member like all of you. We are all on the same team and our "enemy" is Law Enforcement. Not the individuals typically, but the ideals that they use against us. Can we have discussions without playground...
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    JBV1 - You know that feeling you get when you get a new detector?

    That's the feeling we get with every new release of JBV1! :cheerleader:
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    Since the topic of BSM rejection is hot; another verified LEO at 24.195-24.198

    Hi all, Driving yesterday through one of my favorite LEO spotting areas. Elizabethton, TN For such a small place, they have a lot of presence and they are often sneaky. Driving through there can certainly hone your spotting skills. I verified a new Dark Gray LEO Charger running 24.195 to...
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    JBV1 picking up Ka at 1 mile AND a speed trap mark (includes auto-ducking music)

    Hey all, On Friday (3/1), I was driving through Elizabethton, TN heading to one of the few Taco Johns in the eastern half of the US. (I grew up with Taco Johns in Denver) There is a known speed trap area where the LEOs like to hide behind a building in the town and you CAN NOT see them until...
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    Tried to get NC SHP to hit me with lidar today...

    He wouldn't take the bait. :-( I was on I-26 heading north from Hendersonville (exit 49) and saw some activity around mile marker 47 or 46 on Waze. I passed him as he was sitting diagonally in the median aiming at the southbound traffic. I turned around at exit 44 and got in the #1 lane. I...
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    TMG - Install on a 2018 Honda Accord

    I finally got my front heads and CPU mostly done. No more playing with it in the house! :) I chose an unused factory grommet I found right above the grommet for the hood release cable. This is high up in the fender on the other side of the wheel well cover. I drilled a hole in the rubber...
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    Surprised again by V1 quality. :-) Concealed Display modifications

    Chopping up my ESP Concealed Display to custom mount and while working on it I realized that they are using Molex brand RJ-14 Jacks. These aren't cheap and flimsy! Also, you have to admire how all the parts are soldered on straight and tight. I've had this display for 2.5 years and this is the...
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    Nice 2 mile 35.5 as shown in JBV1

    This is as much a V1 topic as JBV1 but I couldn't show these screens without JBV1. :) I ran across a great 35.5 signal yesterday where the terrain didnt interfere much and I was able to confirm as a real LEO that had someone pulled over. (Opposite lanes facing me) So often I get these long...