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    JBV1 and TMF2 On vs. TMF2 Off

    I’ve been playing with BSM settings in v1.5.13 and after not seeing many BSM alerts (I have BSM alerts showing in the Priority Alert Display) tried turning off TMF2, or whatever VR is calling it now, hoping to force a few BSM hits just for testing. I’ve now tried TMF2 off a few times and have...
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    Muting Question. Can this be done?

    First a little background. (Skip to the bottom if you aren’t interested in the “why”.) I’ve been using the following setup to keep things pretty quiet: Silent Ride in JBV1 V1’s TMF2 BSM filters K box of 24.080-24.195 GHz with OTB mute X box of 10.477-10.477 GHz with OTB mute, but Mute Punch...
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    Time Mute Question

    I’m having some difficulty with Time Mute in JBV1 and wanted to see if someone may know what’s going on. I set time mute at 5 seconds and selected a muted volume of 30%. (Menu>Settings>Auto-Mute Control>Auto-Muted Alert Volume>30%.) Now, when I get an alert it sounds for 5 seconds as desired...
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    Is the auto-shutdown time user adjustable?

    Currently, it takes roughly 15 seconds for JBV1 to shut down after I turn off the ignition killing power to the V1 and its dongle. Is there a way I can reduce this time? I would like to adjust it to 5 seconds or so. Thanks. barry
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    Fantastic App - Impressive Save

    I just got back from a vacation trip to Kentucky and wanted to relay a particularly impressive save. I’m a fairly new user of JBV1 (a few weeks) but think I have most settings figured out. However, I hadn’t messed with crowd sourced alerts because of my previous experience with Escort Live...
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    Restoring AutoLearned Lockouts on the Max?

    Has anyone been successful at saving stored AutoLearn lockouts using Detector Tools, cleared the stored lockouts from the Max, and then restored them later? I recently did some comparison testing between the Max and another detector and wanted to be sure I wasn't limiting the performance of...
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    Using Live with the Max

    I’m sure most Max owners are now aware that Cruise Alert is forced to “on” in the Max when using Live and is set at the PSL. When traveling below the PSL an alert results in a double beep and is then muted. This muted alert does not go to a full alert if the PSL is exceeded. This behavior has...
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    Max, Live, Cruise and Auto

    I wanted to call attention to a post on the Escort forum because it addresses some questions about the Max and how Live can override settings. Please consider this a Public Service Announcement. Of course, comments would be appreciated. barry asked: "So Escort Live doesn't force Auto...
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    Is Guard Really Off in Custom Sweeps?

    On the Valentine Research Tech Headquarters site ( item 1.1 explains that one of the reasons Custom Sweeps works so well is because Guard is automatically off in Euro mode. The specific quote states "When 'Euro' or 'Custom Sweeps' are enabled...
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    Passport Max listed in Car & Driver "Tech 50"

    The August Car and Driver contains a section they call The Tech 50 that is their list of the "cars, people, and ideas that will fundamentally alter your relationship with the road." Item 46 is the Passport Max. A portion of the paragraph on the Max says, “In the past, radar-detector design...
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    Just Asked Escort about the Passport Max Manual

    I just "chatted" with Escort Customer Service and asked: "Any idea when the manual for the Passport Max will be posted on the website? I'm one of the first 1000 who placed an order and wanted to be ready when it arrived." The response was "It should be posted on our site within this...
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    X-band Automute and Custom Sweeps

    Hello everyone. I've been on the forum a while but this is my first post. I'm really impressed with my newly purchased V1connection and all of the information available on a cell pone display. I'm currently using custom sweeps and automuting on K-band. However, x-band is driving me nuts. In...
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    Hello from Alabama

    Hello everyone. Been on the site for a while but haven't started a thread. I'm on my third V1 and just got the V1connection. Very impressed with custom sweep capability.