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  1. smokinu454

    calling those with windshield tint

    So on the 328 (black car w/ black interior), I have 5% ceramic tint on the side windows and at the top of the windshield. i have a window that has to be re-tinted so I already have an appt in a few weeks with the tint shop. I am planning on tinting the entire front windshield 50% with a 5% brow...
  2. smokinu454

    R7 mute bug?

    Sorry if I missed this in another thread. Searching on tapatalk is a PITA. When I get an alert on the r7 and try to mute it, it only works about half the time. If I mute before or after the voice announcement it works fine but if I hit mute during the voice part of the alert, it doesn’t mute and...
  3. smokinu454

    BMW Runflat tires vs. non RFT & plug kit vs. non RFT & spare?

    So My 2013 328i is going to need a set of tires soon. It currently has the bridgestone driveguard runflat tires. These tires are noisy and could handle better so I am thinking of doing away with them. I am planning to go with the continental extremecontact DWS06. I have two options since these...
  4. smokinu454

    Beware of twist together/glass fuse direct wire cords.

    So I’ve used direct wire cords for many years and have never had an issue so this is probably a fluke thing but it’s enough to make me switch to the blade style fuse holders from now on. I installed a uniden direct wire cord in my truck 6-8 months ago. I apparently hit a bump hard enough to...
  5. smokinu454

    R7 only has 9 Ka segments?

    Not that it really matters to me but I noticed the r3 has 10 ka segments and scans up to 36 ghz but the r7 only has 9 segments and caps ka band at 35.7ghz. I wonder what the reasoning for the change was.
  6. smokinu454

    Anyone have experience with bms stage 1 or jb4?

    Curious if anyone has any experience with the bms stage 1 or jb4 tuners? Particularly on a 2.0l bmw 328i. I’ve had plenty of tuners on gas trucks and turbo diesel trucks but this will be the first turbo gas 4cyl I’ve tuned. I’m just making sure that there is minimal risk and if people generally...
  7. smokinu454

    2013 328i f30 passenger floorboard wet

    So after a heavy rain I’ve noticed my windows fogging up and the passenger floorboards are wet, front and rear. Is there a common culprit that I should be looking for as the cause?
  8. smokinu454

    need advice from BMW owners

    So I am looking to replace the Maxima with a used 2013-2014 BMW 328I (F30 / 2.0L turbo) I have a few lined up to look at. I was leaning towards a 2013 RWD sport model but found a very good deal on 2013 luxury line x drive with very low miles. My questions are........1. am I really going to...
  9. smokinu454

    ALP randomly turning off....

    So over the past few weeks I have noticed that every once in a while I will look down and the control pad will be dark but if I reach down and press the power button it comes on like normal. I was just curious if there is any reason that this would be happening or if anyone else is seeing the...
  10. smokinu454

    Passing in a 55, around the curve 34.7 R3 save

    PSL is 55, video pretty well speaks for itself.
  11. smokinu454

    Uniden R3 vs C/O K band around the curve

    This is a save from this morning. PSL is 45 and i usually exit that curve and set the cruise on 55 or 60. R3 is on FW1.37, k wide, filter on, tsf off, and k band on 100%.
  12. smokinu454

    Uniden’s customer service

    So I’ve so far sent two r3s back for repair. One was in warranty and less than a week old, the other was over a year old and out of warranty. Each time I have received back a different unit that was obviously used by someone else and once I received back a cord that was stretched almost straight...
  13. smokinu454

    Need advice on a small 120v mechanical project

    So I have several sets of large blinds over patio doors, windows, etc. They are raised and lowered by rotating a hand crank. I would like to retrofit one or maybe a few of these to raise and lower electronically. My thought is to find a small AC motor (approx 120 RPM) that i could mount to the...
  14. smokinu454

    redline psl+36 k band save

    This was a definite save, PSL 45MPH
  15. smokinu454

    Kawasaki Vulcan S magnum install

    So I traded in the dual sport today and picked up a 2015 Vulcan S with 1000 miles on it in what appears to be prestine condition. I took the magnum, external speaker, and ram mount off of the XT and put them on the Vulcan.
  16. smokinu454

    Exhaust Recommendation for 2014 Sierra Denali 6.2L

    So I just left the Diesel world where I have been for the last decade and bought a 2014 GMC Sierra Denali with the 6.2L V8. The exhaust is factory except someone cut the tailpipe off, added a Y pipe and duals after the factory muffler. I plan to simply swap that muffler our for a different one...
  17. smokinu454

    Rd for XT250 dual sport

    Ok guys where in the h3ll do I put a detector on this. I was hoping to install a plus or 9500ci on this thing but not sure where that antenna would go haha. It will be a backroad cruiser only so K band falsing isn’t a concern.
  18. smokinu454

    KSP 34.914 Attempted Instant Own

    Luckily I was at PSL, I also saw him in the distance and thought it looked like a state trooper. I guess I looked like I was speeding because he sure lit me up! Not today buddy lol.
  19. smokinu454

    Questionable r3 performance?

    So I’ve been noticing lately that I’m getting a lot of questionable encounters especially on k band. These seem a lot more prevalent when I’m in my car where the r3 is on a blendmount and the lens is 8” back from the windshield. When I’m in my truck I use the old 2 cup mount where the lens is...
  20. smokinu454

    PSA: Paducah Ky now using laser

    So far in 5 years I’ve never seen laser in this area but today on my way home from work, the ALPs alerted to a stalker behind right as I passed a city cop parked in an empty parking lot. I turned around to make another pass but he already had a customer by that time. I pulled the stats off of...