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    TMG Motorcycle Two Head System on Algo 8.06 Testing Results

    I recently installed a Motorcycle Specific TMG System on a Kawasaki Concour I am attaching the results. The two heads were mounted on the underside of my front mirrors that are attached to and part of the main fairing (they are fixed and don't turn along with the bars and front wheel). The...
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    Say it isn't so!

    Speed limits on the Autobahn??!! Are they becoming sissies over there?
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    Driver Beware!

    Heavy Lidar and Radar enforcement in the GA-141 and I-285 area today. Both sides of I-285 from Ashford-Dunwoody to Buford Highway have both DeKalb County and Dunwoody units working hard. Doravile is setup on the PIB and I-285 interchange. Plus Doraville is working PIB from about a mile inside...
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    Ummm Donuts, Doh! National Donut Day

    It’s National Donut Day Again! Drive thru at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are wrapped around the building! Free Donuts at: KK one free DD with purchase of a drink Walmart one free donut RaceTrak all Donuts 50 cents no limit Randy’s free donut
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    20190602 Atlanta Lidar Testing Results

    The following test results are from the June 2, 2019 Atlanta Testing against a current TSSxb and Stalker XLR Lidar Guns. The Test Course is a 1850 foot straightaway with a small dip at the far end. Forum Members included Stretch, Oktavf, Nichohat, Phantom Z3, and Transporter All TMG Units were...
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    Poll: Gauging Interest in Followup Atlanta Area Test Meet

    . The Atlanta Area Test Meet went very well especially considering it was the first one for me to organize and the first in several years for the area. My thoughts here are to have another meet so that people that needed to adjust their systems can retest to make sure the adjustments work and...
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    Be Advised, Looks Like Dunwoody is out in force today

    Be advised as it looks like Dunwoody might be doing an end of the month Quote push toady. I have seen more clocking sights today then I have seen all month. Additionally I saw a new weapon for the first time today, a completely unmarked Dunwoody Silver Chevy SUV. Could not get close enough to...
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    Possible Typo in Rules & Regulations

    Is this a typo? Second Offence: 2 - 0 point infraction, reiterating the unacceptable behavior. Infraction should also note the reason to enforce and show what is not acceptable. This and all infractions forward are posted here: The Moon Door (User Infractions) reason for the...
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    Beware Today 20190420 North I-95

    WARNING Try to avoid I-95 North in FL, GA, and SC as the spring breakers are headed home. There are multiple areas of just stand stills that I saw while coming South!
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    Any interest in an Atlanta Area Testing Meet? POLL ADDED

    Is there any interest in an Atlanta Area testing Meet before it gets too hot? I am mainly thinking of this as a Lidar Test Meet, but if enough people participate and have K and Ka Radar equipment to bring, we could probably work that in also. Are weekends better then week days for a general meet?
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    Bird sounds just like an R3 alerting!

    Visiting our son and his family and while drinking my coffee this morning outside, there is a bird in the backyard that sound just like an R3 alerting!
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    Is it possible to JTK before being hit using only the Control Panel

    Quick background then I will be specific. ALP 2RX/1TX Front and Rear running HiFi and Control Panel, Profile A: 3 second Auto JTK, Profile B: RX Only and Parking, Profile C: Unlimited for testing When I see a LEO on JBV1 or Waze before being hit with Lidar, I would like to JTK using the Control...
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    First Rear Shoot Lidar I-575 North Exit 9

    On Friday while traveling North on I-575, I was hit by TruSpeed S Lidar from the On Ramp to I-575 North at Exit 9 (Ridgewalk Parkway). I had already JTK'd because he was shown and announced on JBV1 (but not on Waze until I marked him). I normally find them setup under the bridge at Exit 11...
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    Doctor says I should replace my Wallet

    . Well first time for everything. Doctor says I should replace my wallet, make it much thinner, or stop sitting on it at all. Everything goes into my wallet so I have it with me. Credit Cards, ID cards, cash, my receipts for the week, etc. Currently using a bi-fold after using a tri-fold for...
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    Tesla vehicle camera and CM hanging below mirror in news story

    Check out this Fox News story about secret Tesla camera but more importantly look what is hanging below the mirror!
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    North Georgia Lidar

    Over the past 7 to 9 weeks I have not noticed any DragonEye activity in Ellijay or Blue Ridge. Today coming into Ellijay, I got hammered with Stalker for the first time ever! I am now wondering if the DETC units were on loan for testing and have been returned with Stalker offerings one of...
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    185 (190) MPH Livestream Post gets driver arrested

    It is called TMI, To Much Information! Never never ever provide LEOs with anything other then required by law! How stupid can one be?
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    Road Trip 20190331 Maryland to Atlanta

    Well let me start with my CMs investments got a very good work out on the trip north! Can't say the same for the trip back. I could have probably driven over 130 the whole way back without having a single issue (other then the SUV, more on that later). We had the Sunday seafood brunch at...
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    Doraville/PIB Lidar Enforcement

    This morning Doraville PD is running Lidar just outside of I-285. Using chase vehicles. Video this evening.
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    ? How about a Thread describing each Lidar Gun?

    Would some of you Advanced Members mind contributing to this tread and if it has enough information maybe consider making it a Sticky? What I am thinking about/looking for is one single thread that has ALL Lidar Guns listed and that explains/lists what kind of gun it is and its operating mode...