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  1. DocTJ

    Lidar ALP vs PL3 in GA

    In GA: The valentine is heard going off in the second half of the video here and there. Laser is disabled on my r3. Still working on my JTK time.
  2. DocTJ

    Radar R3 vs V1 Ka 34.7. Half mile lead.

    I know we aren't supposed to have any RD side by side , as the results arent optimal, and performance is affected on both sides, etc but I've been experimenting with both running and this is a video wanted to share with you all:
  3. DocTJ

    Any upcoming testing Nov/Dec/Jan?

    Hello all, holidays are approaching, and free time is rare, but theres some free time soon any testing coming up? have ALP, with TX front and rear installed AL/ATL area
  4. DocTJ

    current v1 and ALP, switching to R3

    hey all, Living near ATL ALP 2 head + TX in both front and rear switching out the v1 for an R3 will keep you all posted with dashcam footage too. any suggestions / comments appreciated.

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