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  1. Matthewstorm

    R7 No Laser Alert

    May already be a known issue. I shot my R7 with a Laser Tester and it didn't make a peep.
  2. Matthewstorm

    Had to Move Sensor Head

    @Jag42 et al. I had to move my sensor head on the passenger side because it was blocking the tow hook hole. I wasn't able to mount it back on the bracket because there's not enough room so I glued it to the bottom of the bumper. The tow hook is slightly obstructing the head. Will this still work...
  3. Matthewstorm


    Oh, man.... On a lark I called V1 and said. "I'm so sorry to hear you're closing down'. Well, that opened the floodgates. That woman let me have it for 5 minutes, haha. We had a long conversation. This is what she said: A new V1 is coming. Name will not change. Still called V1. There will be...
  4. Matthewstorm

    Spare Bubble Level

    Anyone have a spare bubble they could send me? Mine has vanished and I'm replacing my front grill. Thanks!
  5. Matthewstorm

    TMG Disconnected/Connected Over and Over

    About an hour into a road trip suddenly JBV1 starts announcing TMG Disconnected TMG Connected Over and over and over. The blue CPU light was also blinking. I reached over and shut it off, waited a few minutes and turned it back on. No issues the rest of the day. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Matthewstorm

    Support for Samsung Galaxy Fold

    I realize it's a tad early but I'm wondering if there will be full screen use on the Galaxy Fold when it's released in April.
  7. Matthewstorm

    1st Hit, So Glad For Rear Heads!

    Driving around town on a major road, speed limit 35, which is so annoying because it's simply to generate speed tickets. I was going about 15 over and saw a unmarked LEO SUV pull up from a side road. He seemed to be playing around with his computer as I passed. Suddenly JBV1 and TMG went bonkers...
  8. Matthewstorm

    1.4.6 Now Released? New Versions Popping Like Rabbits

    I don't even see a thread from @johnboy00 for 1.4.5 much less 1.4.6. Too much, too fast....brain misfire.
  9. Matthewstorm


    Is there anyplace that will show me the best way to install the Netradar DSP, i.e. proper antennae placement?
  10. Matthewstorm

    Fuses Blowing Left and Right

    During a drive today my CPU died. Dropped by installer and he said the inline fuse died. He said that fuse is so sensitive a hummingbird fart will blow it. So, he replaced it, we turned on ACC and the CPU came back to life. Yaah. Started the car the fuse died immediately. Dead. Replaced the...
  11. Matthewstorm

    RLC Alert...In the Middle of Nowhere

    I've started getting a RLC Alert and I'm miles away from the closest RLC and at least a mile away from any traffic light at all. Any idea why this is happening?
  12. Matthewstorm

    Change Map?

    The other day I was playing around in Settings and I selected a topographical map that's pretty dark and shows reverse and such. I'm trying to get rid of it but can't find the setting. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  13. Matthewstorm

    No PAWS, No Speed Limit, Coloured Numbers?

    Today I was unable to get PAWS to work and speed limit never worked. I'm driving major roads around Chapel Hill. Also, I noticed under 20mph the numbers are green. Above 20mph the numbers are orange. Any suggestions?
  14. Matthewstorm

    Buy RC-M Now or Wait?

    I don't see a lot of action here on the forum on the RC-M. I'm interested in the unit but I'm wondering if I should wait since they just brought the new guy in. Maybe a better version coming soon? There is no App for this, right? Does anyone know if Radenso plans on making one to pair with its...
  15. Matthewstorm

    Why is Ka red?

    Everything else that's turned on is green or no color. Only Ka is red. The band is definitely active.
  16. Matthewstorm

    New Cables and CPU?

    There was some mention of new cables and a new CPU coming out. I wanted to see where this stood. I recently pulled out the cables with my foot. I couldn't see crap down in the footwell but somehow managed to pug the cables back in the right slots. Confirmed that with my Laser Interceptor. But...
  17. Matthewstorm

    Head Covers?

    @Jag42 I think you mentioned these a whole ago. Any place to get them?
  18. Matthewstorm

    New Firmware?

    Hey @Jag42, is there new FW? @johnboy00 says there is. Which blinking light goes with with FW? Thanks!
  19. Matthewstorm

    New App Same Problem

    Hey @Jag42, I got an email to uninstall and reinstall Laser Defender to get rid of some bugs, but when I did there are more bugs than ever. Is the new app ready for download or should I wait? Thanks.
  20. Matthewstorm

    C7 Corvette Stingray TMG Installation

    Had my 5 head TMG installed professionally today. It was around a 5 hour job. It took that long because he custom installed the heads inside the front grill. Cost was $350.

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