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  1. steve

    NYC - Extended Hours / Days for Speed Cameras

    NYC be aware: Effective July 11th, speed cameras are working longer hours! NYC's expanded speed camera law allows DOT to issue violations from 6 AM - 10 PM, Monday through Friday, year round. DOT is authorized to operate speed cameras in 750 school speed zones.
  2. steve

    Gas Grill Recommendation

    Gas/charcoal discussion aside, I’d like your recommendation for a nice gas grill. Don’t worry about budget. I’d like at least a four burner unit that looks nice. An outdoor kitchen is not in my cards for a while. We will be moving and don’t currently own one. I expect that this will be my...
  3. steve

    Confirmed K Band in Westchester/North Salem

    We were looking at a house for sale in North Salem/Westchester this weekend and I received a confirmed moving K band LEO coming in the opposite direction on a two lane road. I assume it was a local town police officer. I have only seen KA in Bedford/Pound Ridge areas. Knowing how each town...
  4. steve

    Robotic Traffic Stop

    This is pretty entertaining...
  5. steve

    Speeding BMW Crash

    What caused this? Did he get air causing his wheel to turn into the wall? Speeding Jerk Hits A Small Bump In The Highway, Ruins His BMW
  6. steve

    sschwar2 Name Change

    I wanted to let everyone know that I've changed my user name. I will now be known as steve. Yes, that's all lower case and no n - it's amazing. I know many of you will miss my old user name of 'sschwar2,' but after deep thought, I realized it was time for a new look. I feel great about it and...
  7. steve

    Sponsored ads appearing on RDForum iOS app

    I noticed today that sponsored ads started appearing on the RDForum iOS app. Is that something that Tapatalk is doing?
  8. steve

    Remote Car Starter Recommendations

    I’m thinking of adding a remote car starter to my Audi. Has anyone had experience adding a third party starter to their car? Due to the complexities, I’d likely have it installed by a shop. I’m liking the idea of an app controlled started with cellular connection. Please share your experiences...
  9. steve

    2019 Raffle

    Is the 2019 raffle cancelled? I recall seeing this but thought I’d check!
  10. steve

    Bug Fixed RDF update for iOS?

    Any plans to update the RDF app for iOS to scale to the larger phones? I’m getting black bars at the top and bottom. Thanks again for all you do!
  11. steve

    IO KA in Outer Banks, NC

    Just had an interesting IO KA from a LEO following me. Saw him from a distance away. Didn’t know it was a LEO until we stopped at a light and saw his lights. From a distance it was hard to make out detail having his cruiser all black and low profile lights on top. Looked like a roof rack. I’m...
  12. steve

    K band in Southern Virginia / North part of North Carolina?

    I'll be taking a road trip next week. I'll be going from Brooklyn, NY to Loudoun County, VA and then heading to the beach. I'm very familiar with that drive. I've only ever seen KA and laser. What I need help is knowing what to look out for from DC to NC and then on the way home, NC to...
  13. steve

    Question on BlackVue DR750S - Flagging a Video While Driving

    Does anyone have tips how to flag a video while driving, to make it easier to find the video when you are stopped? Currently, I look at my car's time and make a mental note of it to go back and find the clip. Sometime I have to download two clips if it is at the beginning or end of one of the...
  14. steve

    Encrypted SD Card on Dash Cam

    Does anyone know if any manufactures have looked into encrypting the video/audio data stream saved to SD cards in a dash cam? As far as I know, all data on an SD card is viewable on any computer once it is ejected from the camera. It seems like it would be a nice feature to be able to encrypt...
  15. steve

    ALP odd startup behavior - Can only get defense mode one time per day

    I'm having an odd issue that I've only noticed after the most recent firmware upgrade (not sure if it's related) but I have been having this problem consistently for the past 3 weeks. When I turn my car on for the first time each day, everything works perfectly. The ALP goes in and out of...
  16. steve

    Tech Support Tapatalk Feed Issues?

    Does anyone know if there is an issue with updating the Tapatalk feed? My feed hasn't updated in 3 days.
  17. steve

    Audi Q7 TX Install Location (Front/Rear)

    Andrew21 and I plan to install the TX sensors on my Q7 this weekend. I think the back is straight forward, Blue is TX and Orange is ALP sensors. The front I mocked up a few options, let me know what you guys think. Blue is TX, Orange is the current location of my ALP and Green is where I could...
  18. steve

    Looking for out of warranty dead/bad sensor

    Does anyone have an out of warranty, dead/bad ALP sensor laying around they no longer want to keep? I'm working on a 3D mount for my car and wanted to use it to test fitting prior to pulling the install off my car. Please let me know if you have any interest of loaning it out or selling it...
  19. steve

    Mounting Putty

    Does anyone have recommendations for a permanent mounting putty? I have a piece of trim that I need to secure on my car. I noticed my ALP installer used some sort of gray putty on my car to secure a few other things. The only thing I see on amazon seems to be temporary. This stuff gets pretty...

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