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  1. Brainstorm69

    R3 Completely Dead After Constant False Laser

    Perhaps @UnidenSupport can help you.
  2. Brainstorm69

    Comparison wanted - R3 (1.37) vs R7 (current) - K band reactivity speed

    I'm on vacation right now and don't have all my equipment. But if you can wait... ;)
  3. Brainstorm69

    R7 Arrows the best?

    I"m not sure I'd call them the best, but I agree with you about using your brains to figure out what is happening when the arrows bounce. Not sure you can have a detector with horns this sensitive and not get some of that. So it's a tradeoff. I still think I'd like a smidge more bias towards...
  4. Brainstorm69

    Is anyone with a V1 seeing Honda BSM at 24.160?

    I'm not trying to be dismissive, but I am saying your experience does not jive with mine. So I have a hard time agreeing with it. And that's what I'm stating. Didn't say you are wrong. Said my experience has been different, and posted both video and JBV1 evidence to the contrary.
  5. Brainstorm69

    Is anyone with a V1 seeing Honda BSM at 24.160?

    @BlueV1 - You need a dashcam. And my experience is that TMF2 doesn't work to block these Pilots. Posted above with dashcam footage and JBV1 log. Remember, the LX version of the new Pilots does NOT have Honda BSI. Maybe you were behind one of them. And turning off TMF2 could bring in all...
  6. Brainstorm69


    I'll have to check the paperwork on my wife's TV. ;)
  7. Brainstorm69

    Next Generation Valentine Product Discussion. (Not Patent Related)

    @Rocket Jockey - so only one more week? We'll see....
  8. Brainstorm69

    R3 Mute Memory and New Alerts at Same Time

    That's a good point. If you're giving priority to the strongest signal rather than Ka, I'm not sure how the Uniden handles that. But it's possible that the Ka signal might not be audibly reported (you could still see it on the "All threats" area if you have it turned on.
  9. Brainstorm69

    R3 Mute Memory and New Alerts at Same Time

    I know that a new Ka band signal with alert in a K-band lockout area (assuming you have lockouts limited to K and X, but I don't think it's ever been tested whether X band will alert when in a K band lockout area.
  10. Brainstorm69

    24.14X BSM's Appearing On R3 1.50

    With a regular K-band gun, TSF on doesn't cause much of a delay or a reduction in distance. But with the MWCTG testing (I do not have the radar gun they tested with), you might need to be more careful.
  11. Brainstorm69

    Escort 360c latest Version question

    You should ask them to send you one with 1.8 on it so you can see if it falses to laser, and then update to 1.9 and report what happens with Laser falses. It's impossible for me to believe it's a hardware issue when the "hardware issue" only happens once people have upgraded the fw. My...
  12. Brainstorm69

    Next Generation Valentine Product Discussion. (Not Patent Related)

    It can happen on occasion that sweeps get corrupted, and it will make a difference. Like you said, the fix for that is to do a factory reset and then re-push the sweeps. I've heard of folks who would do that on a periodic basis just to make sure they never get caught with their pants/sweeps down.
  13. Brainstorm69

    Next Generation Valentine Product Discussion. (Not Patent Related)

    I bet his beat yours on K & :p
  14. Brainstorm69

    Best settings for R3 in Alberta (Calgary)

    Actually, I'd look at it this way. Once you set a setting, not matter what mode you are in, it is the same across all settings with one important exception: sensitivity. Hwy is always max sensitivity for all bands (unless you have them turned off), City is minimum sensitivity for X and K, and...
  15. Brainstorm69

    Uniden R7 Build quality are you satisfied or feel its a bit flimsy

    For that, you need a Redline-O. :laugh:
  16. Brainstorm69

    Updated Andriod App Being Released Today For EL

    Not available to me yet on the Play Store. (AT&T)
  17. Brainstorm69

    Help Max360

    Don't forget there are two fw versions numbers for the 360 depending on whether you have the original BT version (79XXXXXX serial # fw 1.10) or the BLE version (83XXXXXX serial number fw 1.7 or 1.8 (can't remember for sure)).
  18. Brainstorm69

    Radenso update request

    The lockouts for Uniden and Escort do not lock out all of K-band. I think you're confusing this with mute again (where it does happen, at least with Uniden; Can't remember for sure about Escort). ;)
  19. Brainstorm69

    Dual Pro 360 after a week of owning it

    Haven't seen much about it for a while. The developer is a member here. @nbulatovic He apparently hasn't been on the site in over a year.
  20. Brainstorm69

    Valentine Website Down?

    @Administrators - Can we lock this thread now that the Valentine site is back up? Don't we already have too many threads about whether it's a parts shortage or a new V1 as it is?

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