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    Weird behavior from JBV1 yesterday

    I had an experience yesterday that may be somewhat related. First, I should say that a couple of days ago I turned off Wi-Fi on my phone to conserve the battery. So, yesterday when I started the car I didn't get the normal voice announcement confirming JBV1 was connected. Later, when I...
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    1.7.3 released

    My fault, I was looking at the leftmost column in the second image. I didn't notice the details pasted into the first image.
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    JBV1 T-Shirts!

    Click on one of the shirt images in the first post.
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    1.7.3 released

    @novarider, Do you have info for the 35.473 hit between the 13:23:42 onset shown on the first image and the detailed list that begins at 13:23:58?
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    JBV1 T-Shirts!

    Look what came in today's mail.
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    1.7.2 released

    Took me a while too. MENU>Settings>Reverse Geocoding (under Advanced Features)>Speed Limit Announcements
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    1.7.2 released

    My goodness! Thanks once again @johnboy00.
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    JBV1 T-Shirts!

    Thanks, I missed that somehow. Maybe my wife's right about me not being able to find something right in front of me.
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    JBV1 T-Shirts!

    Wow. JBV1 stickers and phone cases too. Do you know which Samsung phones the case fits?
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    New/Upgrade V1 for JohnBoy

    I'll commit to a third, i.e., a three way split with Allen Dockery and BlueV1.
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    1.7.1 released

    Thanks @johnboy00. One question/thought. Do you have access to info from the ambient light sensor in the V1? If so, and if you are adding a separate sensitivity setting for the sensor dark feature (post 15 above), using the light sensor in the V1 instead of the one in the phone may be more...
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    1.7.1 released

    Thanks. I'll play with the sensitivity settings for Auto Theme. One thought however, I sometimes just leave my phone in my pants pocket for a short drive and let JBV1 announce any alerts. No big deal, but if JBV1 is using the phone's ambient light sensor to control the crossover points for the...
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    1.7.1 released

    @johnboy00, Thanks for the 1.7.1 release. I'm still going through the updates, but noticed the orange Settings button. It's almost like looking for Easter Eggs. Great fun. (I know, nerd alert.) Not necessarily 1.7.1 related, but I've been trying out the "Sensor Dark" settings to keep the V1...
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    V1 K-band False Rejection

    I used my V1 with TMF1 on a vacation trip to Florida in February and the BSM alerts just about drove me and my wife nuts. As soon as we got back home I sent the V1 in for an update which included TMF2. The reduction in BSM alerts was dramatic. However, some would still "break through" every once...
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    State of the App

    Wow! Auto lockout radii sound really interesting. Can you give us a clue about what parameters will be utilized?
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    Valentine 1 Custom Sweeps Settings w/ V1Connection California

    JohnAyySays, This comment probably isn't necessary, but I'll make it just in case. If you add other Ka sweeps, for example when traveling outside California, don't forget you have everything outside segment 2, 5 and 8 currently muted as "Outside the Box". barry
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    Is anyone with a V1 seeing Honda BSM at 24.160?

    I can vouch for the differences @BlueV1 saw between TMF2 off and on as well. First, when driving a distance of about one mile with TMF2 off through a local city with heavy traffic and several small strip malls I had approximately 80 alerts from the V1. The GM and Honda BSM alerts were almost...
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    1.6.2 released

    Thanks. The "highway close to a RLC intersection" reasoning occurred to me soon after making my previous post. I came back to edit the post but was too slow. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful app. On a side note, my wife really appreciates how, with JBV1, the V1 is sooo much quieter now. In...
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    1.6.2 released

    Thank you @johnboy00. Is the "Option for RLC alert max speed" intended to prevent receiving a warning when driving past a RLC on a green light? Before I try it out, I wanted to make sure the option wasn't intended to keep me from being startled when blasting through a RLC protected intersection...
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    R7 with Radar Absorbing Rubber Testing

    Just a quick thought about something that may make a difference in the calculations. The NRL Arch testing approach that was used for MAST's data measures the signal loss of a microwave beam sent from a transmit antenna that goes through the absorber, is reflected by a metal plate underneath, and...

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