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  1. Eloi

    New corporate attack vector: warshipping

    Enough to become parano !
  2. Eloi

    Speed Enforcement by Aircraft: View From the Plane

    they use Vascar : distance over time = speed by calculation. They also use a camera system that does it all instantly , mainly used in helico. Soon they will id the driver by facial recognition , cm = use a chirurgical mask !
  3. Eloi

    N.J. Study Reveals Need For Higher Speed Limits

    Convert to metric : 80 mph = 128.7475 kph ... in France the psl on highway is 130 kph ... well nothing is perfect , they have other issues . Safety is so much more than a number on radar/laser screen.
  4. Eloi

    You die Tomorrow, who are you giving your CMs to?

    PW : Jtk ?
  5. Eloi

    You die Tomorrow, who are you giving your CMs to?

    do you know to whom you will give all your cms ? Like my wife told me she will place everything cm in a container and bye bye. To whom you bequeath ? I have a name : @System ...the problem is i dont plan to pass away before many decades . Then who knows when/why/how we must all go ?
  6. Eloi

    Comment by 'Eloi' in media 'Run to Gun.mp4'

    which part of usa ?
  7. Eloi

    Ride Handling Poor After Changing Tires

    I had this kind of problem with brand new tires bought in a tire shop . Do you recommend buying any tire from the dealer or a specialised tire shop ? Of course it depends the service quality in each , but i want your general opinion based on experience , thanks.
  8. Eloi

    Do you shut your car off while pumping gas

    I shut it off ...for safety + fear a gasing leo hear the screaming rd ! Car off = cms off .
  9. Eloi

    What does the average person know about detectors.

    Maxwell forecast the invention of radar by his theory :
  10. Eloi

    Speed Enforcement by Aircraft: View From the Plane

    Time to use a Sam ... They use such fancy toys for so little results , no problem the tax payers can be sucked to death...
  11. Eloi

    Wheel rolls down highway, hops median and slams into SUV

    Same thing happened to me years ago ...but was lucky to see the tire coming slowly at me and was able to avoid it ...could not believe a tire could roll over a jersey separation dash cam @ this time ...danger is lurking every second ! When i tell this story ...people look at me with...
  12. Eloi

    When (not IF) I get banned please keep me in your mind since I see you all as family!

    Please manage to be permafrozen , so you can stay here forever ...we love your humoristic/caustic/acidic humor.
  13. Eloi

    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    anyone noticed a change in the Mrcd captation distance ...cause my R1 goes off in the kill zone ?
  14. Eloi

    A Goodbye

    Will you stay here on a personnal basis ? Glad for your move , best in your life carreer.
  15. Eloi

    Keep nazar in your thoughts....

    Hy Nazar , i remember you very well ... find the strenght to fight back's your battle and we are behind you to supply spiritual ammunitions .
  16. Eloi

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome , which province ?
  17. Eloi

    Solo Battery Powered Detector Discontinued

    The problem i see : Escort is not the most innovative ...they rely on set technology , thats it thats all. If they followed the same pace as phone , we would have a solo in a watch form factor....their moto : sleep and still make profit.
  18. Eloi

    Office will be closed next week. No orders will ship next week

    Vacations : refresh the internal / mental firmware ...washup the cells ...have a good one , you and family !
  19. Eloi

    Hi everyone new to the forum.

    Welcome , how did you find us ? Did you get a recent ticket ?
  20. Eloi

    Motorcycle TPX vs DEC VIDEOS

    I did a lot :cheerleader: In any version the dragon is a beast to tame .

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