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  1. davidc502

    Auto lockouts??? not a good idea.

    Any leaks at all as to what is being tested for the release to come?
  2. davidc502

    R7 not going off at all for MI state police in Detroit area?

    Why Didn't My Radar Detector Alert When I Passed a Cop?
  3. davidc502

    R7 Rear horn to sensitive and add auto mute

    Would be nice to have the ability to reduce sensitivity on either the Front, Rear or both horns. Personally, I love the sensitivity of the rear horn, but completely agree we should have control over it.
  4. davidc502

    Uniden R7 Build quality are you satisfied or feel its a bit flimsy

    Single suction cup doesn't bounce the R7 around. The dual suction cup design does bounce the R7 around quite a bit on my roads. As for build quality... I would say it is 'adequate', but not exceptional. Considering it just sits in the window, it really doesn't have to be very tough. Just...
  5. davidc502

    R7 with Radar Absorbing Rubber Testing

    It would be nice if one could reduce sensitivity on the rear horn by firmware setting.
  6. davidc502

    R7 sleeping/dead - heat related?

    Over the past couple weeks here in Tennessee it's been in the mid 90's and with a black interior the heat probably reaching 130+ degrees with zero issues.
  7. davidc502

    R7 sleeping/dead - heat related?

    Well, to put this issue to 'sleep' we need to testers willing to heat up some Uniden radar detectors and do some testing. That way when this type of talk comes up from time to time we can just refer to the test results. This is also double edged, if for some reason Uniden's design is less...
  8. davidc502

    R7 sleeping/dead - heat related?

  9. davidc502

    R7 sleeping/dead - heat related?

    Actually, the first detectors were made in the late 50's by amateur radio enthusiasts (HAM's) - BTW I'm a HAM too! The first commercially available detectors were available in the 1960's. My father and I used to take trips in the 1970's with his trusty Whistler radar detector, and even to this...
  10. davidc502

    R7 sleeping/dead - heat related?

    The R7 can handle a storage storage temperature of above 200 degrees and a operating temperature above 165. Maybe if you were in the middle of Death Valley with the car running but no air conditioning would you even come close to challenging the max operating temperature. Heat has been in the...
  11. davidc502

    My R7 has poor range on Ka band

    If running together one detector can easily put another detector to sleep and will cause false alerts too. Also, many LEO's run 2 antenna; one is front facing and the other is rear facing. If LEO is facing you with the rear antenna going that will also reduce range because the signal has to...
  12. davidc502

    Screen Burn and Faded Display on R3!

    That's what I do, run it in dark mode, and then every so often change the color.
  13. davidc502

    R7 disappointment, returned it back to Best Buy!

    I hear you but here is the question... Should people have to do that after putting down 600 bucks on a radar detector? OR Should it have been designed a little differently as to not bounce as much? :hmm: Here is something else though.... For some it may be totally acceptable OR some people...
  14. davidc502

    R7 disappointment, returned it back to Best Buy!

    Yeah, IDK... I'm reading this post and thinking we live in a world now where 1 day shipping is a reality and returns are expected, and all of the rest of us pay more because for it (Shut up and take my money right?). Yes, I'm a bit older than the rest of you and still live in a bubble in my own...
  15. davidc502

    R7 potential issue

    Detectors generally have no issues with heat. The R7 has side and bottom vents that help with cooling as well. The R7 has a rated Storage Temperature up to 203 degrees, and operating temperature of 158 degrees fahrenheit.
  16. davidc502

    Uniden R7 ramp up issues and auto lockouts

    Since I bought the R7, ramp up works well, and the arrows work great too. Auto-lockouts? I don't care that it hasn't happened yet. However, if for some reason they can't implement auto-lockouts then, Uniden needs to take some kind of action. The reason is for me one of the main reasons why I...
  17. davidc502

    Stalker Patrol K-band Testing Help Needed

    I missed your post otherwise I would have joined you.
  18. davidc502

    It's June...

    I still remember the days where when you bought a radar detector, that's all you got was a radar detector... No updates.. ever. Unless, you bought the new and improved model ;)
  19. davidc502

    Would you pay 1K plus for a Radenso that was completely immune to BSM?

    This is just an "after thought", but say Jon and Radenso does come out with a detector that can filter 100% of BSM falses, and lets say Radenso can make a healthy profit with the retail price of $599.00 ea which is competitive on price. It begs the question.. With this information, Is Radenso...
  20. davidc502

    What's it like running a RD company? Interview w/ Jon

    Sounds to me like the next gen of Radenso products is going to have the performance "Where It Counts", and that is what I'm most interested in anyway.

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