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  1. OBeerWANKenobi

    New to RDFORUM

    Welcome to the forum! Valentine radar is tighter than (some euphemism I should probably avoid) so nobody really knows what's coming next.
  2. OBeerWANKenobi

    TMG blown fuse mystery

    I've run into head issues as well. Contact @Jag42 and he'll take care of you. Most likely nothing is wrong with the CPU. It seems sometimes a bad head will just blow the fuse with no prior warning and other times it can present as a false first as a sign that it's about to go. I believe I'm...
  3. OBeerWANKenobi

    R7 set up correctly?

    Find a Walgreens or a WalMart and sit in the parking lot with your detector on. Also, roll down a window and put the detector outside your car to see if it alerts. Some cars have nasty windshields and windows that can block signals. If you still don't get an alert with those settings and a...
  4. OBeerWANKenobi

    Hello from NJ

    Welcome to the forum! Good choice on the R7
  5. OBeerWANKenobi

    R7 set up correctly?

    Depends on your other settings. If K band is off, which seems like it may be the case since you aren't picking up anytying at a strip mall with known K falses, then Highway mode won't make a difference. Please post your settings and we'll have a look.
  6. OBeerWANKenobi

    Will tinting my rear windows (rear side and rear windshield) with metallized tint affect performance?

    It will affect performance. How much really can't be determined without testing but it could be significant and I wouldn't risk it. It can act basically like a Faraday cage.
  7. OBeerWANKenobi

    New and seeking advice

    Welcome to RDF! I would be looking at a set of ALPs and a windshield mount detector like an R7 if I were you. IMHO, unless you really want the stealth or integration, remote RD's are overpriced compared to their windshield counterparts.
  8. OBeerWANKenobi

    The Offical Aviation Thread

    My wife just made the trip from Taiwan on Saturday. I'm glad I booked her through SFO instead of HKG. Stupid Typhoon the day before made most of the flights leaving TPE late due to overcrowding but at least she's here now. I'm worried for the citizens of HK and Taiwan as well. Not sure what...
  9. OBeerWANKenobi

    Need more pills

    The towel is the reason for the pink pill on Tuesdays
  10. OBeerWANKenobi

    Other Douche in Durango RT tries to block / push me of the road while passing

    Possible in a Mustang but cars with real power will just break the tires loose, so you've got to be careful. :p :roflolmao:
  11. OBeerWANKenobi

    Distracted Driver Runs a Red Light

    Me Three! Trust no one............ :shifty:
  12. OBeerWANKenobi

    Uniden R7 - Performance variance between units?

    You can't really compare unless you are testing detectors on the same signal, on the same day, mounted in the same place, etc. When doing that, I have seen variance on the R1 and R3, mainly with early production (first run) and late production. I have yet to test multiple R7's myself but from...
  13. OBeerWANKenobi

    July 20th! MWTC Meet.

    Results are now posted. We have chosen to post them in intermediate due to the nature of the testing and results:
  14. OBeerWANKenobi

    Another mass shooting in Dayton, OH...

    And the non gun control reasons are the only ones that anti-gunners and pro 2a folks will agree on so I don't understand why the country doesn't JUST focus on those for a while..............well, I do know why, but that's for a different section.
  15. OBeerWANKenobi

    Another mass shooting in Dayton, OH...

    How about we actually fix the problem instead? Once again, guns are only the means to an end. The problem is that people actually would do this to others. Some steps I'd postulate to solve the problem: Create an atmosphere: That maintains and fosters a respect for human life and the rights...
  16. OBeerWANKenobi

    Another mass shooting in Dayton, OH...

    The problem is societal and systemic. The solution to the problem is complex. Too many people just want to spew talking points and focus on feel good legislation against an object that has nothing to do with the actual problem. All that does is create even more animosity in a country that's...
  17. OBeerWANKenobi

    Another mass shooting in Dayton, OH...

    It's irrational to think that guns have anything to do with this problem. It's the mentality of these people that's the problem. It doesn't matter what country you're in. If you want to get a gun you can get a gun. It's naive irrational and nonsensical to think that passing laws will do...
  18. OBeerWANKenobi

    OK, have to ask....... Jinjer

    Haha, yeah, I've watched both seasons myself. I'm an anime fan so I end up watching quite a bit of different ones.
  19. OBeerWANKenobi

    OK, have to ask....... Jinjer

    Totally reminds me of....
  20. OBeerWANKenobi

    Guitars & amps

    Mine came in pieces!!!

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