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  1. RadarScout

    Accurate Communications Mean Everything

    I was being a bum just sitting around the house today. My lovely wife was out running errands for us and her 84 year old mother. While I'm on the computer setting up myself to win Publishers Clearing House, my wife calls. This is how the conversation went: Her: Are you dressed? Me: Yes Her...
  2. RadarScout

    WAKE UP!!!

    My wife and I took a ride a few hours north to look at camping sites at a state park. On the way home, we were bumping along, steadily shaving time off the, "estimated time to your destination", displayed on the navigation screen. It was already dark and I was struggling to find a suitable...
  3. RadarScout

    X Band in Ohio

    I got all excited when my R3 started alerting to the prehistoric band. Sure enough, about .75 of a mile, over a hill, I saw him. Don't know why, but I was really thrilled to see something most won't ever see. My wife just smiles and shakes her head. I guess she doesn't get it.
  4. RadarScout


    Well, I will finally have the opportunity to get my ALPs tested and adjusted as needed. My wife and I will be going to visit her sister in Cleveland, (yaaa! X band), and then going to Niagra Falls. After that, we will be headed down to the Long Island area to visit @Andrew21 I really look...
  5. RadarScout

    Deciding On Which Sensors to Buy

    Just thought I would ask this question because I don't think I've ever seen it discussed. Is there any reason to purchase 3 RX heads for the front instead of 2+1 TX? Does the size of the vehicle have any bearing on the decision? I think this is something people should know when considering...
  6. RadarScout

    At Last!

    Well, today is the day my 6 head ALP system gets installed. I'm pretty stoked about it. I was going by @Vortex instructions. Had his video on the tablet while doing downloads and configurations on the desktop. Even I was able to understand what his instructions were. Not sure when I can get...
  7. RadarScout

    Merry Christmas!

    May the Spirit of God bless you all in this most joyous time of year!!!.
  8. RadarScout

    Help Mounting

    I'm thinking that the 3 heads should go on the bottom side of the slat below the blue oval. I'm doing the 2 RX & 1 TX. Thoughts?
  9. RadarScout

    Another State Opens Its Eyes PS...
  10. RadarScout

    Well, I Finally Did It

    I received the RPSE today and have been playing around with it a little. Setting it up is simple once you learn which buttons to push for whatever function you're setting. I took it out for a couple hours this evening looking for some LEO to try and get me. I went through 3 cities and a small...
  11. RadarScout

    Tech Support Connection Refused

    Sometimes I get this when moving from section to section. Is it a bug here or is it time to shoot my computer?
  12. RadarScout

    Tech Support Donations

    I just tried to make a payment/donation to you old codgers and it said live accounts weren't being accepted. HUH?
  13. RadarScout

    Merry Christmas

    I know this isn't radar related, but I wanted to put it where everyone could see it. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU! I hope God puts out His blessings to you all.
  14. RadarScout

    Pros and Cons of Remote Detectors

    I'm close to being able to say I have a collection, (though smaller that some of you guys), of radar detectors. I've really been thinking about a remote for my wife's vehicle once we are ready to trade in her current one for another SUV. These are things I'm pondering: Pros: 1) More...
  15. RadarScout

    Max 360 Deal

    I got an email today from Escort stating if you buy a new 360, you get 50% off a cobra jump pack. Seems the merging is a little more than we thought when the cross selling is happening.
  16. RadarScout


    I know this is the wrong place to post this, but I want to ask everyone to keep the people in Charlotte in your prayers and/or thoughts. What's happening is very sad. I post this because we have friends in our forum that are having to deal with it. I pray it all comes to a peaceful end very...
  17. RadarScout

    Am I Being Watched?

    I've been having some issues with my cable connection late at night. One way for me to see if the issue is with my modem or the remote antenna on the back of my computer, is to turn on my phone and try to go to a web page, since my phone routs through my cable for internet service. As was...
  18. RadarScout

    No Noise From GT-7 Users

    So, we rarely hear anything from the GT-7 owners. I know kasher1979 mentioned he liked his during the testing phase, but not very much from others who have purchased the unit. Is it better now since the newest update? What kind of range is it getting compared to other WS mounted units? Or...
  19. RadarScout


    I don't remember this being covered anywhere else, but I was wondering if some of you with BSM/CAS systems on your vehicles could say if they effect your radar detectors. My wife and I were out looking at new SUVs to maybe purchase later in the year and they all seem to have the systems as...
  20. RadarScout

    If you had to start over

    Pretend you have no radar detectors at the moment. Now you're starting new in the hobby. Which 3 detectors would you buy and why? Even though you'll be new to the hobby, you still know everything you currently know. Please only mention units that are bought new and not used. For me: 1)...

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