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  1. TeamQuack

    R7 - Beast Mode Ka 34.7

    long range, i saw it on waze, before i got the alert New Windsor PD Ka 34.7 running c/o of course!
  2. TeamQuack

    meet TeamQuack affiliates

    haha, i loved every moment of this :dance: if you need something to relax too, this is it lol
  3. TeamQuack

    Radar R7 k-band i/o arrow fail

    So i was turning around by making a left into a Wendy’s. The vid starts as I was leaving the Wendy’s parking lot, I get blasted by i/o k-band which the R7 sniffs from quite a good distance, however, it gave me a rear k-band alert (not in video) which had me looking completely in the wrong...
  4. TeamQuack

    Wireless Headphone Choices

    Hello, I’ve been using the Airpod 2’s for a while but they get annoying sometimes, especially on the go. I kind of envy the Bose plugs. The power beats wireless just dropped for $250 and i like those too. I can’t make a phone call without the Airpod, i’m hooked to wireless headphones now...
  5. TeamQuack

    security camera system*

    so some drunk college kids keep driving recklessly past my cousins house in canada. problem is there damage to her car as it was side swiped twice as her property is on a corner. long story short, does anyone recommend any home security systems? i figure she at minimum needs at least 6 cameras...
  6. TeamQuack

    Man arrested for covering license plate at toll booth

    he got busted! Man arrested for covering license plate at toll booth Man arrested for covering license plate at toll booth
  7. TeamQuack

    Destiny 2 for free PC- last day to get 11/18

    Hey just an FYI, if you go to you can get destiny 2 for free, its not the newest expansion forsaken but its still sick, a full year game.
  8. TeamQuack

    Tech Support Media Videos not Tapatalk friendly?

    Hey, i noticed whenever i posted a video from my media on this site, it doesnt show on tapatalk, i have to go to webview to see it. People’s youtube and vimeo videos show fine and preview on taptalk. Any fix for this?
  9. TeamQuack

    Semi Important need a tri-pod for your lidar?

    Precision shots! I got one off ebay for $22 bucks and it is awesome Zomei Q111 im 5’11” and i can shoot eye level with it! (No crouching)
  10. TeamQuack

    CBP Border Patrol agent (Texas) accused of being serial killer

    Border Patrol agent accused of being serial killer Border Patrol agent accused of being serial killer Caught by a texas state trooper when 5th victim escaped.
  11. TeamQuack

    K-band muting issues

    hello, So i went from and r1 to an r3 so i can mute annoying k band false alerts. im noticing that when i mark a spot as a false k band alert and return to that area i start getting the warning, “user mark ahead,” however, it will not mute the alert. the alerts ramp up and down on the r3 as if...
  12. TeamQuack

    Tech Support Uploaded photos not showing

    Hey my photos are not showing, i keep getting this error:
  13. TeamQuack

    MgGregor vs Khabib

    Im a big McGregor fan but +1 Khabib
  14. TeamQuack

    R1 save -Ka 34.7 no waze alert

    big time R1 alert, waze did not see this one coming.
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  16. TeamQuack

    20 oz. RTIC RDF Tumblers (laser etched) have arrived!

    Okay so we need 30 people to commit to getting one of these bad boys so we can put another order in. I missed the first order, fml, but i really need one of these. 1 down, 29 to go! Anyone else interested in purchasing one, please post your commitment here so we can keep count. Here is the...
  17. TeamQuack

    POP settings and encounters- BSM effect?

    i run K/Ka POP off, and i really have no BSM issues on my R1. it is very very quiet and has superb range. is this setting causing this issue? has anyone on here had any real confirmed POP encounters?
  18. TeamQuack

    NYSP - pulled me over for tints on interstate- bs?!?

    Fml Last night i took an alternative route heading to upstate ny bc of the heavy rain and flooding. So i took the hutch to 684 then to 84. (Rather than the taconic to 84) Switching from 684 to 84, right before the exit, i ran into an leo in the median facing perpendicular to traffic running...
  19. TeamQuack

    you know your a v1 boss if you have these...

    VR randomly sent these to me over the years...
  20. TeamQuack

    where can i get good fireworks, road trip from NY

    hey guys, So im thinking of taking a road trip to get some fireworks for the 4th. i usually drive to the Poconos in PA, like the first exit or two off of I-80 when crossing the Delaware water gap. does anyone recommend any specific stores to go to? or should i maybe go somewhere else to get...

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