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    Redflex and R3 1.46 in Calgary

    SW Calgary on Richmond Road and 37st SW
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    Redflex and R3 1.46 in Calgary

    All in Calgary, AB
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    Redflex and R3 1.46 in Calgary

    I have seen the following 24.095 on Apr 30 - Blue Ford Explorer 24.085 on May 11 - White Ford Explorer 24.074 on May 16 - Light Grey Ford Explorer 24.105 - Blue Ford Explorer Frequency from either my R7, Stinger or MaxCI.
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    Finally joining after years of reading whatever I could, thanks everyone. Have owned CM's as long as I remember. Current CM's R3 Max 360ci with Shiftermax Stinger VIP with square laser heads Past CM's 9500ci passport max passport max x50

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